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Funeral Humor for Her: 11 Memes That Will Make Female Funeral Professionals LOL

It’s no secret that women have become trailblazers and thought leaders within the funeral profession. From graduating from mortuary schools in record numbers to taking on key leadership roles in funeral associations to ushering in new ways of thinking about death, female funeral professionals are making their mark in every corner of the country. In recent years, we have seen so many inspiring examples of female empowerment from within the deathcare profession.

Whether its Monica Torres sharing groundbreaking embalming techniques in Popular Mechanics, Katrina Spade introducing an entirely new disposition method to American society, or the recent founding of the Deathcare Collective, the impact and influence of women working in in the funeral profession is undeniable. The work that they and countless others have done shattering glass ceilings and defying stereotypes has irrevocably transformed the funeral profession for the better. Yet, despite the enormous strides they have made and the growing number of women entering the profession, many female deathcare workers still encounter misconceptions, ignorance, harassment and crude humor on a daily basis.

As we mark the final week of National Women’s Month, we wanted to salute the many incredible and hardworking women working in the funeral profession. We also wanted to turn the tables and give the ladies a chance to laugh at some of the challenges and inaccuracies they sometimes encounter working in deathcare. Special thanks to the unknown creators of the OpenCasketCulture, TheFuneralLife and I.Need.A.Bier Instagram pages who are the hilarious geniuses behind most of the jokes on our list.


Here are 11 Memes Every Female Funeral Professional Should Appreciate















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