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Innovative Technology Patented by ASD

At ASD, we prioritize innovation to serve funeral directors with the most effective solutions. We develop our technology internally, giving ASD clients a competitive edge. Our clients have access to many unrivaled mobile features and technical solutions that patents protect against duplication.

By remaining innovative and on the cutting edge of the latest technology, ASD provides funeral directors with the tools they need to stay connected, save time, and better serve families.

First Call Connect® 

Patent No. 8,467,515, 8,498,399

ASD’s First Call Connect® feature utilizes technology protected by two patents. The first patent refers to our ability to send a message to ASD clients alerting them of a First Call in progress so they can connect to the call in progress. The second patent protects the technology that allows directors to listen in on the call in a stealth monitor mode or speak to the Call Specialist before being connected.

Solicitor Shield® 

Patent No. 8,548,149

Solicitor Shield® dynamically protects against dial storms from automated solicitors and is the only answering service tool to do so. Solicitor Shield® tool can recognize an incoming barrage of recorded spam calls and immediately direct these calls to a “junk” mailbox to ensure phone lines are not tied up. Our patent protects ASD’s ability to anticipate a flood of incoming solicitor calls and prevent issues before they occur.

Aural Volume Feedback

Patent No. 8,929,535

Aural Volume Feedback is the only answering service tool that can automatically detect when a Call Specialist is speaking too loudly during a call. The Call Specialist is then alerted and can adjust their tone of voice or headset microphone to ensure they are talking at the correct decibel level.


Patent No. 9,584,663

With MobileFH®, funeral directors can call from their cell phones with the outgoing Caller ID displaying the funeral homes’ number. ASD designed this feature to simplify directors’ communication with families. From the ASD Mobile app, select any number and the funeral number to make a call with the outgoing Caller ID displaying the funeral home’s number. The call will connect through ASD’s system and create a recording so directors can evaluate staff performance.

Partner with ASD for the Highest Quality Technology

Answering Service for Directors is committed to providing reliable solutions that enhance funeral directors’ ability to communicate with families. Our patented features improve the quality of every call and smoothly integrate communication into your life. To try these solutions and more, contact us today for a no-strings-attached, 30-day free trial.

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