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At ASD, we’re proud to offer innovative funeral home technology beyond a phone answering system. Our ASD apps and other solutions enhance our answering service for directors to keep communication organized and accessible. Learn more about our offerings and which may be the best for your funeral home.

Screenshot of a text message, showing that the "from" name is "Czohor Funeral Home" and showing the ASD Mobile app where the funeral director set it to be that way

On-Call Solutions

Our answering service for directors provides a transparent, reliable phone answering solution. In addition to the MyASD login, these custom features enhance your on-call experience by making communication on the go seamless and professional.

ASD Mobile - An Award-Winning App

Remain vigilant of your funeral home’s communications without sacrificing your freedom with ASD Mobile. Since we introduced our ASD app, we’ve revolutionized the way funeral directors can conduct business. The following are some of the features you can enjoy with our ASD funeral home app:

MobileFH® for Privacy & Clear Communication

Our MobileFH® feature increases your privacy and the clarity of communication for families. It allows you to make calls from your mobile device and have the outgoing Caller ID appear as your funeral home’s number.

Phone with NEXT STEP Text app from ASD, along with a screenshot of the user interface when using the feature

Revolutionary Texting Capabilities

Be responsive to families contacting your funeral home with organized, accessible texting tools. Increase your funeral home staff’s work-life balance by allowing them to have supported communication with the following features.

MobileFH® Texting

An extension of MobileFH®, this feature enhances responsiveness while maintaining privacy by allowing directors to text from their mobile phones using the funeral home’s phone number. It also ensures that families and contacts use the correct phone number when sending sensitive information to the funeral home via text message. MobileFH® Texting also ensures any text messages (including attachments) that your funeral home receives are securely stored within the ASD Mobile app and accessible to your entire team.

Obit Texting

ASD’s Obit Texting makes obituary information accessible to those requesting it. When someone calls to request service information, ASD can text them with the information on your website. It increases the efficiency of responding to these requests and encourages website traffic as well as potential pre-need or flower sales.


Our NEXT STEP Text™ feature enhances customer service while guiding families through the next step in the funeral planning process. After a First Call, you can send families a text with a link to a guide on the next steps of the process and how to prepare for arrangement conferences. Customize the text to include a link to any web page. Funeral directors can also utilize the ASD Mobile app to manually send a NEXT STEP Text™ to a family member.

Closeup of a funeral director's hands reviewing a list of calls in the ASD Mobile app along with a screenshot of the app showing a notification of a First Call in progress the director can join if desired

Technology for Business Growth

ASD has custom-designed our solutions to address specific needs within the funeral profession. Explore our services to learn how they can improve your operations and help your business grow.

First Call Alert® & First Call Connect®

Enhance your customer service and responsiveness with prompt access to First Call information. First Call Alert® sends you a notification when our Call Specialists begin a new First Call. First Call Connect® gives you the option to seamlessly join the call in real time if desired.

Specialized Solutions for Price Shopper Calls

ASD can patch at-need and pre-need price shopper calls directly through to your on-call staff, ensuring they do not disconnect and call another funeral home. Clients have the ability to listen to recordings of these calls after they are patched to the on-call to evaluate how directors are handling challenging after-hours calls. This solution empowers funeral home owners and their staff to develop a consistent approach when handling shopper calls. 

Closeup of a funeral director holding a phone with the ASD mobile app's menu open, and a screenshot listing the menu options in the app broken down by Voice, MobileFH Texting, Data, Service Info, and Other

Web and Software Tools

Reaching out to a funeral home can be intimidating for families. They want prompt and accurate service when they make contact. ASD’s website and integration tools help you easily manage communication through your website and share information across multiple platforms.

FuneralSync Integrations

Automate data entry and save time with a FuneralSync™ integration. This integration transfers funeral service information from your website and First Call information from ASD directly into your funeral home’s management program.

Web Form WatchDog

Ensure all form submissions are tracked and promptly responded to with Web Form WatchDog™. This feature allows ASD to monitor form submissions and notify you when an urgent request comes in. This way, no submissions are lost, and you can respond to every sensitive request.

Web Texting

Enhance your funeral home website with a ‘Text Us’ button, enabling mobile users to send text messages. ASD Mobile will notify the on-call director, who can reply from the app using the funeral home number as the outgoing Caller ID.

Deep Archive

Locating old records doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The deep archive search tool organizes the past ten years of call data and messages in a searchable database to help you efficiently locate detailed information. ASD also provides Automatic Message Transcriptions which logs the entirety of every conversation handled, making it simple for clients to retrieve important information gathered during calls.

Solicitor Shield®

Dynamically protect your phone lines against dial storms and other unwanted solicitation calls with Solicitor Shield®. This feature automatically blocks spam calls from clogging up your lines and allows the blocking of specific phone numbers.


We Help You…Help Families

With services from ASD, funeral directors can experience many benefits, including:

Serving Families in Need

Reaching out to a funeral home is never easy for a family. ASD’s services enhance the quality of your communication to ensure families receive responsive, accurate messages and the best overall service.

Increased Work-Life Balance

ASD has been proven to effectively reduce burnout for funeral directors by lightening their workload and providing much-needed support. We provide a funeral home answering service you can count on and communication tools, like our ASD Mobile app, that let you operate on the go to help you achieve a better work-life balance. 

Business Growth

ASD has developed solutions specifically to help funeral home owners achieve business goals and increase market share. We specialize in helping funeral homes remain highly responsive to at-need families while giving them the tools they need to improve their shopper call outcomes.

Increased Efficiency

Organized data and seamless integrations allow funeral directors to operate their businesses more efficiently at their desks or on the go.

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Funeral directors can enjoy several benefits for their business when they partner with ASD for communication services. Contact us today to try it for yourself with a no-risk, 30-day trial.

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