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Award-Winning Funeral Home Technology

Since 1972, Answering Service for Directors has dedicated itself to innovative solutions that consistently support funeral homes with communication. As communication demands have changed with modern technology, we’ve developed solutions to provide efficiency and transparency so directors can enjoy top-tier correspondence and a better work-life balance.

Our dedication to improving service in the funeral profession has earned ASD four Innovation Awards from the NFDA. We are the only service provider to receive more than one award since its inception in 2009.

NFDA Awards

The National Funeral Directors Association is the largest organization in the world for funeral professionals. The organization supports funeral directors with information and tools that enable them to best serve families and their communities.

At its annual conference, NFDA recognizes one supplier with the Innovation Award (renamed the Member’s Choice Award for the 2018 conference). This award is the highest honor for a funeral service vendor.

The Innovation Award recognizes the best new product or service introduced in the past year, representing innovation, excellence, and creativity. Exhibitors for the conference can submit their product or service, and a panel of esteemed judges chooses the winner from there. It encourages service providers to develop new solutions and ideas that better serve funeral directors and, in turn, the families they serve.

2018 NFDA Members’ Choice Award

In 2018, ASD’s Web Form WatchDog™ feature won the Members’ Choice Award (renamed from the Innovation Award). Our Web Form WatchDog™ feature provides funeral directors with easy options to monitor and respond to form submissions on their website. Typical website contact forms go to a single email address, and directors may not see them promptly. Web Form WatchDog™ allows ASD to monitor our clients’ web form submissions and notify them when an urgent request comes through.

NFDA also recognized ASD’s Spanish Translation Services as a finalist in the 2018 award, making us the only company with multiple services in the finalist tier.

2017 NFDA Innovation Award

In 2017, ASD’s Suicide Telephone Operator Patch (S.T.O.P) System won the Innovation Award. This was a significant win because we created the S.T.O.P System to help those needing life-saving support. If a caller seems at risk of suicide, a Call Specialist can connect to a Suicide Hotline specialist at the touch of a button without putting the caller on hold. This provides vital support for callers, Call Specialists speaking to them, and funeral directors.

After receiving the Innovation Award for our S.T.O.P System, ASD was moved to hear stories from multiple funeral directors of cases in which it made a difference.

2015 NFDA Innovation Award

In 2015, ASD’s MobileFH® feature won the NFDA Innovation Award. MobileFH® is a patented mobile app feature that allows funeral directors to call from their cell phones with their funeral home’s phone number as the outgoing Caller ID.

This allows directors to better communicate with families with clarity about who is contacting them or which number to call back. It also provides added privacy for the director, as they can talk from a cell phone without sharing their direct phone number.

2012 NFDA Innovation Award

In 2012, ASD won its first NFDA Innovation Award for its revolutionary funeral home app, ASD Mobile. ASD Mobile allows funeral directors to monitor phone calls and communicate on the go from their phones. This app was a game changer when we introduced it at the time and has only gotten better in the years since as we’ve added more features.

Dedication to Innovation

As our multiple award-winning services prove, ASD is committed to innovative solutions for the funeral profession. Whether communicating via phone call, text, or website, directors can trust that ASD will provide specialized solutions sensitive to their needs.

In years to come, we remain dedicated to this mission to improve the quality of communication and life for funeral directors and the families they serve.

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ASD serves thousands of funeral homes and has won more NFDA Innovation Awards than any other service provider. We want you to try our funeral directors’ answering service for yourself in a 30-day free trial so you can experience the depth of our care. Contact us today to learn more and start your free trial.

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