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Here's Why...

ASD is the leading funeral home answering service for directors throughout the United States and Canada. Our funeral-exclusive services allow us to specialize our training and technology to the sensitivities of the funeral profession. Dedicated solutions provide transparency, reliability, and freedom for our clients. Learn why more than a third of funeral homes trust ASD with their communication.

Funeral Exclusive

ASD recognized early funeral directors had unique needs and required a more caring, specialized answering service to handle their calls. Working solely with funeral homes ensures our staff has a deeper comprehension of callers’ fragile emotional state and a higher level of understanding of funeral customs and traditions. Our dedication to improving the lives of funeral directors extends beyond answering calls: we want to equip funeral directors with the communications tools they need to better serve families and maintain a competitive advantage.

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Specialized Training

ASD Call Specialists undergo six months of extensive training to ensure they can provide empathetic and accurate service to the families you serve. We stress the importance of First Calls, Price Shopper Calls, and Pre-need inquiries.

Our Call Specailists gain a profound understanding of callers’ delicate emotional states through training. Training also provides an elevated familiarity with funeral traditions and customs. 

Custom-Built Technology

Over our 50+ years in service, we developed custom ASD technology to directly address the challenges of funeral directors. From the feature-rich ASD Mobile app to other solutions, custom-built technology allows ASD to provide funeral professionals with excellent service. Many of these features are patented and cannot be duplicated by other answering services.

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ASD employee adjusting wiring under the floor that keeps reliable infrastructure functioning

Reliable Infrastructure

ASD is built to provide service non-stop all day, every day, 24/7/365. Fundamental to meeting that objective is our technical infrastructure. We know that reliability is vital when answering life’s most difficult calls. We have several security and redundancy features to ensure we consistently serve our clients despite outside forces. 

ASD is equipped with three powerful generators and our state-of-the-art data centers are designed to utilize multiple long-distance providers simultaneously. ASD’s technical infrastructure is built to withstand multiple physical and vendor outages with minimal impact to service delivery.


ASD wants funeral directors to feel confident in our service, so transparency is critical to us. We record all the calls we answer and allow you to listen and provide feedback if desired. ASD’s system will also automatically transcribe all messages, giving you added oversight. As the very first answering service to allow clients to listen to recordings of their calls, our company has a long history of promoting open and transparent business practices.

ASD’s RingTracker™ feature also provides data on how many times the phone rang before a call specialist answered. Our unmatched team allows us to answer 90% of calls on the first ring and less than 2% of callers are ever put on hold.

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Bilingual Teams

ASD knows a familiar language can make a comforting difference for families on a First Call. We have a bilingual team available 24/7 to assist Spanish-speaking callers. They can also provide translation services for funeral homes without a Spanish-speaking staff member. Funeral homes that are located in areas with a high Spanish-speaking population will always have their calls automatically routed to one of ASD’s bilingual Call Specialists to provide seamless communication.

Southern Teams

ASD has more than 100 Call Specialists based in SC, NC, GA, TN and AL. When a call is answered for a funeral home located in the Southern accented portion of the United States, it is automatically diverted to a Call Specialist on this team. This behind-the-scene solution provides added peace of mind to our southern funeral home clients, ensuring that when a family calls the funeral home, someone with a familiar local accent can always assist them.

S.T.O.P System for Suicide Prevention

Our Suicide Telephone Operator Patch (S.T.O.P) System allows our Call Specialists to connect a suicide hotline operator to a call with the push of a button if a caller is in crisis. This enables us to provide life-saving support without ever interrupting the call. It provides peace of mind for funeral directors that callers receive the help they need. Call Specialists also have the comfort that support is available if needed.

Free Trial

Try It Yourself With a No-Risk 30-Day Free Trial

ASD’s funeral call answering service and other solutions support funeral directors in enjoying a better work-life balance while knowing that their clients are taken care of. Since providing directors with peace of mind and confidence is at our core, we offer a free trial so you can see firsthand the quality of our service with no risk. Contact us today to start your free trial.

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