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VIDEO: 12 Innovative Features of the ASD Mobile App for Funeral Homes

Discover how the ASD Mobile App for Funeral Homes is transforming how funeral directors manage day-to-day operations, providing unparalleled efficiency and support. ASD is excited to share our new video showcasing the incredible features of the ASD Mobile app for funeral homes!

From convenient communication monitoring to innovative text messaging solutions and seamless collaboration with your team, the ASD Mobile app for funeral homes is designed to make your life easier and more efficient. Read on to learn more about all the innovative ways our app can support you in delivering exceptional service to the families you serve.

The ASD Mobile app for funeral homes

12 ways ASD Mobile makes life easier for on-call funeral professionals

  1. Listen, read and copy any message with ease, and respond to your messages with a quick tap, so you can focus on serving families. (Learn more)
  2. Receive an alert when ASD is handling a new first call in progress and tap on the notification to explore options for joining the call in real time. (Learn more)
  3. Call any number from the app and have the funeral home’s phone number display as your outgoing caller id, because personal numbers should stay private. (Learn more)
  4. Search through your call history using a name, phone number, or any other detail to find specific messages and recordings. (Learn more)
  5. Manage who is on-call for the funeral home and control how, when and why you are notified with messages. (Learn more)
  6. Set up your own notification preferences with custom sound alerts and settings, ensuring you can always stay connected by are only disturbed when you need to be. (Learn more)
  7. Send and receive text messages using the funeral home’s phone number straight from the app, so you and your team can collaborate on incoming messages from families while keeping your personal numbers private. (Learn more)
  8. Help people visiting your website to communicate with your funeral home in less time by receiving alerts for urgent web messages. (Learn more)
  9. Listen to recordings of calls even after they are patched to your on-call directors, allowing you to evaluate your staff’s telephone performance during challenging telephone interactions. (Learn more)
  10. Relay information about your current services so ASD can provide obituary information to callers. (Learn more)
  11. Leave notes for your team about messages to help everyone stay connected. (Learn more).
  12. Use the app to screen out calls from unwanted numbers and routine solicitors. (Learn more)

ASD Mobile is your communication center, giving deathcare professionals the freedom to stay connected, no matter where you are.  Download the ASD Mobile app for for funeral homes today on the Apple App and Google Play stores.

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