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Let ASD Monitor Your Funeral Home’s Web Inquiries With Our “Contact Us” Web Form WatchDog

May 09, 2018

Don’t let your website visitors move onto your competitor’s site – ASD can watch over your website “Contact Us” page and immediately alert you the moment an urgent inquiry is submitted.

On any given day, funeral directors have dozens of deadlines and time-sensitive responsibilities to juggle simultaneously. Remaining vigilant of these high-priority tasks requires strong organizational skills and a stalwart support system. Here at ASD – we aim to be more than an answering service for our clients. Our goal is to assist directors in managing all aspects of their funeral home’s communication.

Like overextended catchers in a baseball game, funeral professionals get hit from every direction with new phone calls, letters, emails, faxes and social media notifications. ASD provides a second line of defense – helping you catch a ball that might otherwise slip by you.

Does this look familiar? ASD can help.

No one can exist on high alert at all times—it is easy to miss a call and even easier to overlook an email. This is just human nature. However, for funeral professionals such a simple error can have major consequences if it results in a grieving family member feeling ignored or insulted. Many of our clients have their phone lines programmed to forward to ASD as a back up if the call is not answered after a certain number of rings, but what about inquiries submitted through the funeral home website? With a growing number of people going online to research funeral options, web queries are becoming much more common and will only increase in frequency overtime. .

Most funeral home websites have a ‘Contact Us’ form instructing visitors to leave their information and reason for contacting. When a form is submitted, it often is sent to a single, generic email address that is not monitored 24/7. As a result, funeral directors often don’t see them until the following day, if at all, and the family might contact a competitor in the meantime. Recently, our company introduced our new Web Form WatchDog™ to help funeral professionals become more responsive to submitted web forms. This feature allows us to monitor your funeral home’s web inquiries and immediately alert you when an urgent need is communicated.

Example of a Funeral Home’s “Contact Us” Page

ASD’s Web Form WatchDog™ can be added to any existing funeral home website. It was built to complement ASD’s extensive array of web and mobile tools that help funeral homes stay better connected to their communities. It is fully compatible with the ASD Mobile app and website, allowing directors to easily access their web forms from any device. When a web form is submitted, ASD will follow the designated contact preferences that have been specified by the on-call director. For example, ASD could email, text or send an ASD Mobile push notification with the new Web Form details. The on-call director has the ability to acknowledge the message via email, text, ASD Mobile or via the ASD’s website. If no response is received within a predetermined time, ASD will call the current on-call person to ensure the message is handled in a timely manner. This process decreases the delay in the funeral home’s response and can give firms a competitive advantage. A quick turnaround time conveys to families visiting your site that you are always available to help.

If you would like to learn more about ASD’s Web Form WatchDog™ or for instructions on how to add it to your funeral home’s website, please contact our Client Solutions Team at 800-868-9950 ext. 5 or email

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