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Part 3: ASD Client Perspective Videos

Dec 07, 2020

The lifestyle of a funeral director is like no other. The rewards and challenges of this profession are unique, to say the least. Outsiders sometimes find it hard to grasp why one is called to work in funeral service and often hold many incorrect assumptions. For these reasons, funeral directors value relationships they have with others who work in the death care profession. Whether spending time together in person or socializing online, funeral directors gain a lot from conversing with one another about their work. These relationships are often fostered by shared humor, knowledgeable advice, and helpful recommendations.

We understand that your colleagues in funeral service best understand the challenges you face as a funeral director. ASD has hundreds of blog posts that describe the different ways our funeral home exclusive answering service can make your life easier. However, in this multi-part blog series, we wanted to let your contemporaries do the talking. Recently, we asked some of our clients to share why their funeral home uses ASD. Their answers summarize better than we ever could what funeral directors can gain when they begin a relationship with our company.

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4 Funeral Directors Explain Why They Chose ASD

Oliverie Funeral Home in Manchester, NJ

ASD Client since 2009

“Oliverie Funeral home has been using ASD since it was a young business. Geri, the owner of Oliverie Funeral Home, has recommended it to many funeral directors over the years. She’s been with the company for so long she feels almost like family. As a young business owner, Geri was able to leave the funeral home but still always have a way to always stay in contact with the families she was serving. ASD is super easy to use and learn, we all have it on our cell phones, from interns to directors because we like to stay updated.”

David Wolf of Haught Funeral Home in Plant City, FL

ASD Client since 2008

“We use ASD answering service because they are very professional, quick to answer the phone, and gather all of the needed information we have to have. We’ve been with them for about 7 years now and wouldn’t think of using anyone except ASD. They have always been exactly what we needed when we needed it and we’re happy to be customers of theirs.”

Jen Ebright of Ebright Funeral Home in Frankfort, OH

ASD Client since 1999

“I have been a licensed funeral director for Ebright funeral home for 13 years. Our firm has used ASD since I’ve been there and before. We use it almost all weekends so that our staff members can take time to go to church or have family meals. My husband and I have two small children who spend a lot of time with sports and girl scouting and using ASD gives us the opportunity to not have to be on-call to catch phones during whatever important activity is going on, but still keeps us in touch with our families if we need to be reached.”

Jason Meyer of Meyer Funeral Homes in Newton, IL

ASD Client since 2015

“For over 10 years, I have been an ASD customer. Before that, I used another company but realized they were not as compassionate or as technology savvy as ASD. ASD has provided me with the means to spend more time with my family and to do activities with our 5 year old.”

Would you like to learn more about how ASD can help your funeral home? Contact Craig today to learn about our no-risk Free Trial. We’ll send you all the information you need to get started along with a list of funeral homes we work with in your area. Discover why we are the number one answering service recommended by funeral homes across the United States and Canada.

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