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ASD Unveils New Call Forwarding Check Feature

ASD is pleased to introduce our new Call Forwarding Check solution to help you protect your funeral home’s sensitive telephone communication. Created by ASD’s in-house technology team, this advanced telecommunication tools was designed exclusively for funeral homes to help safeguard your valuable phone lines.


Have you ever left your office and forgotten to forward the phones lines? With ASD’s new Call Forwarding Check feature, we can verify the integrity of your call forwarding settings automatically on a regular basis and if lines aren’t transferred by office hours end, we will proactively alert your on-call staff.


In the sensitive and demanding funeral profession, seamless communication is paramount, and ASD understands the importance of safeguarding each call that comes through. By automatically verifying the integrity of call forwarding settings on a regular basis, ASD’s Call Forwarding Check mitigates the risk of missed calls during critical moments.


When our system detects a phone line has not been forwarded by the end of the funeral home’s programmed office hours, ASD will proactively contact the designated on-call person to notify them that their phone line(s) have not been properly diverted to ASD. Funeral directors can rely on this feature to maintain uninterrupted connectivity, ensuring that families in need receive the compassionate and prompt assistance they deserve.



  • Bolster the protection of your valuable phone lines
  • Decrease the risk of missed calls during  critical moments
  • Ensure continuous connectivity for   timely assistance


We are also looking ahead to future applications on the horizon. For instance, our in-house IT team is currently working to take this technology to the next level by giving funeral directors the ability to forward their phone lines using the ASD Mobile app. This forthcoming solution will provide you with the convenience of controlling the funeral home phone lines effortlessly.


“ASD acknowledges the indispensability of human touch in funeral home communication, even as AI creates new opportunities. Our innovative Call Forwarding Check solution exemplifies the perfect fusion of technology and human connections,” shared ASD Family-Member Owner, Kevin Czachor.“While these tools operate automatically within our answering service system, they provide funeral directors with a vital safeguard, ensuring constant line coverage and empowering them to enhance customer care for bereaved families. We look forward to debuting this new solution at the NFDA Convention.”

What Else is New at ASD?


Automatic Message Transcriptions

Introduced earlier this year, ASD’s new Automatic Message Transcriptions empower you and your funeral home team to swiftly locate specific information related to a particular case by scanning the entire conversation text during the search process. Now available on both ASD Mobile and, this enhanced searching capability ensures that you and your team can efficiently access and retrieve relevant details from conversations with ease. During the convention, we will show you how to locate your message transcriptions on our app and use our searching tools to swiftly locate relevant details.


Next Step Text™

The initial phone call to a funeral home can be overwhelming for a grieving family member. Offering immediate guidance through text messaging helps establish a connection and demonstrates care. Introduced last year, ASD’s NEXT STEP Text™ enables funeral homes to send important resources to families via text after their first call. The text can be initiated by an ASD Call Specialist after handling a first call for the funeral home or by a funeral home employee using the ASD Mobile app. During the convention, we will demo how you can send the text out using our app and show how you can customize it to include either link to a specific resource page on the funeral home’s website or to a pre-written funeral planning checklist created by ASD. All replies to the NEXT STEP Text™ messages are conveniently logged within the app and we will guide you to where they can be found. We look forward to demonstrating this new solution as we believe it enhances the overall experience for families and offers new opportunities for deathcare professionals.

MobileFH® Texting

Although introduced in 2019, we are often very surprised how many of our clients have yet to unlock the full potential of this feature. MobileFH® Texting can greatly enhances customer service and simplify your daily operations. If you haven’t already embraced this functionality and are eager to explore its multitude of benefits, join us at our booth for an interactive presentation on the diverse applications and advantages of MobileFH® Texting for your funeral home staff. For those already utilizing this tool, discover how you can amplify its value with our built in app tools. For instance, did you know you can customize your app preferences to receive alerts when an unanswered text message is sent to the funeral home number? Stop by our booth at NFDA to learn more.


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