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MobileFH® Texting

Send and Receive Text Messages Using Your Funeral Home Phone Number

MobileFH® Texting allows ASD clients to send and receive text messages using the funeral home’s main business number as the sending number. This innovative technology empowers funeral professionals to be responsive to families without sacrificing their privacy. MobileFH® Texting is the first and only text message solution that helps facilitate mobile communications for on-call funeral directors. Today, there are more than 1,000 funeral homes regularly using MobileFH® Texting and that number grows every day as more death care professionals discover just how many problems this mobile tool can solve.

This innovative mobile tool works by connecting the funeral home’s office number to ASD. MobileFH® Texting ensures families and contacts are using the right phone number when sending sensitive information to the funeral home via text message. It also provides on-call funeral directors more freedom to conduct business on the go without giving out their personal cell phone numbers. Funeral home owners and managers can easily review their staff message exchanges with families as all text messages, photos and important documents are stored safely within the ASD Mobile app.

MobileFH® Texting: 7 Solutions in One Tool

By allowing funeral professionals to use their funeral home’s number to communicate via text message, ASD is resolving a whole host of on-call issues that have caused funeral directors countless headaches in the past.

1) Offers on-call directors added privacy and better protection for their cell phone number.
2) Allows every director to easily retrieve photos and attachments from families and other contacts
3) Prevents directors from having to respond to text messages on their day off, which helps alleviate staff burn out.
4) Provides a record of the conversation and a general location for all texts - keeping everyone on the same page.
5) Enhances office organization and streamlines tasks by making important communications easier to find and retrieve.
6) Gives owners and managers added oversight to monitor staff’s text messages with funeral home contacts.
7) Ensures a family does not text a funeral director who is no longer working at the funeral home.

“I have been one of the lucky funeral homes to sign up for the beta testing for MobileFH® Texting. The day I downloaded the new app on my smartphone, I used it and loved it! A first call, at need family was price shopping and I was able to send her prices with the secure name of my funeral home. Not only did it legitimize my response, but it put this family at ease by professionalizing our business. I am a small volume funeral home and new owner in a very traditional community, therefore I often forward my funeral home calls to my cell phone. The ability to text families while away from the office is priceless. From obituaries, to social security numbers, to photos for the website, families have a sense of comfort when they see the contact is Acevez Funeral Home, not some random unknown number. Thank you ASD for this progressive thinking and convenient feature.”
Robert Acevez, Acevez Funeral Home in East Chicago, IN.

MobileFH® Texting is an extension of ASD’s MobileFH® feature, which enables ASD clients to call any phone number from their cell phone and display the funeral home business phone as their outgoing Caller ID. By introducing this patented, unrivaled technology to text messaging, ASD is making it even easier for on-call funeral directors to be responsive to families without sacrificing their privacy.

“When cellular technology was first introduced, it provided directors with more freedom than they had ever enjoyed in the past, but it also introduced a new host of on-call dilemmas. It's no wonder so many funeral professionals struggle with compassion fatigue and burn out; it’s pretty difficult to separate your personal life from your professional life when you’re receiving text messages from families on your night off,” says ASD’s Vice President and Family-Member Owner, Kevin Czachor. “We analyzed this problem and developed a solution specifically to help on-call funeral directors while improving the funeral home’s overall communication. MobileFH® Texting is truly a win-win-win for everyone!”