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4 Funeral Directors Explain Why They Chose ASD

Nov 12, 2020

The lifestyle of a funeral director is like no other. The rewards and challenges of this profession are unique, to say the least. Outsiders sometimes find it hard to grasp why one is called to work in funeral service and often hold many incorrect assumptions. For these reasons, funeral directors value relationships they have with others who work in the death care profession. Whether spending time together in person or socializing online, funeral directors gain a lot from conversing with one another about their work. These relationships are often fostered by shared humor, knowledgeable advice, and helpful recommendations.

We understand your colleagues in funeral service can best relate to the challenges you face as a funeral director. ASD has hundreds of blog posts that describe the different ways our funeral home exclusive answering service can make your life easier. However, in this post we wanted to let your contemporaries do the talking. Recently, we asked some of our clients to share why their funeral home uses ASD. Their answers summarize better than we ever could what funeral directors can gain when they begin a relationship with our company.

4 Funeral Directors Explain Why They Chose ASD

Lindsey Jonkhoff of Reynolds-Jonkhoff Funeral Home in Traverse City, MI

ASD Client since 2018


“We love ASD. We love their staff, because they’re an extension of our own. They’re prompt and professional. We love their monthly emails. The topics they highlight are unique, interesting and short and sweet—perfect for the on-the-go director. And most importantly, we love ASD because it helps our staff come to work prepared and ready to help the new families from the evening.”

Mark Growney of Davis & Wagner Funeral Home in Woodbury, NJ

ASD Client Since 2003


“I’ve been with ASD a little over 25 years now. I’ve never once even considered changing to another answering service. They are extremely professional and caring, especially when answering a first call, which is usually done within the first or second ring. I use their app which is great for checking messages, putting a person on-call, all of that can be done on their app. Another great feature they have is that they are linked to my website now. So, when I enter information into my website, it goes directly to them. I no longer have to send them any additional information for any of my cases. They use text messages to send me my messages. And then the most important feature I feel that they have now is to be able to patch any first call they receive to me if I am available. To be able to speak to the family directly on that first initial call is one of the most important features they offer. I would recommend ASD to every funeral director. God bless and keep safe everyone.”

Nikki McHenry of Claybar Funeral Home in Orange, TX

ASD Client since 2013

“We use ASD because simply put, they are reliably there when we can’t be. We’re in an area that is prone to frequent hurricanes, floods and other nature disasters and ASD constantly provides us with seamless service. They provide our family and our clients with respectful and empathetic voices until we can get back to normal. They are invaluable to us during those times.”

Andrew Romero of Romero Funeral Home in Denver, CO

ASD Client Since 2018

“We choose answering service for directors to allow us to have family time, to not have to constantly be answering our phones. They are very helpful and they help our clients as well. They keep us informed through the whole process. This is why we chose ASD.”


Would you like to learn more about how ASD can help your funeral home? Contact Craig today to learn about our no-risk Free Trial. We’ll send you all the information you need to get started along with a list of funeral homes we work with in your area. Discover why we are the number one answering service recommended by funeral homes across the United States and Canada.

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