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Now Available: ASD Mobile 3 for iPhone and iOS Devices

We are very excited to announce Apple has just approved and released ASD Mobile 3, a newly enhanced version of our NFDA award-winning Smartphone app. To download the new app, simply visit the Apple App Store and search for ASD Mobile. You will then see the new app icon we created for ASD Mobile 3.

With a multitude of new features, tools and settings, ASD Mobile 3 provides innovative solutions to many of the communication issues funeral professionals experience. These new options will make conducting business on the go simpler than ever for on-call directors. The app is now entirely integrated with our website, streamlining tasks for the office and ensuring your staff is always on the same page. We are confident these new app enhancements will deliver convenience and added peace of mind to your funeral home office.

Below is a list of the new features now available to ASD Mobile 3 users:

  • Fresh Look: ASD Mobile 3.0 introduces a new slide-out menu that saves space and allows you to maneuver through the app more quickly. You can collapse sections on the navigation bar you don’t need. Message lists will automatically refresh when scrolling down.
  • Dashboard: There is now a new home page when you launch the app summarizing your account’s messages, active services and displays the current on-call information.
  • New MobileFH™ feature: We know there are times when contacting a family from your personal cell phone can be inconvenient. Our app’s patented MobileFH™ feature resolves this problem by allowing you to call a client back using the Funeral Home number as your caller ID.
  • First Call Forms: Many directors rely on our website to download, email or print First Call forms. ASD Mobile 3.0 allows you to complete these tasks while on the go with just a few taps.
  • Expanded On-Call Options: ASD Mobile 3.0 will incorporate the new complex scheduling options we added to our website last year. These added tools allow you to create a complex on-call schedule weeks or months in advance using our app.
  • Solicitor Shield™ Blocking: If you’re on the go and notice that a solicitor keeps calling your funeral home while lines are forwarded to ASD, you can easily block their call by simply tapping the number. This feature helps ensure you are not charged for calls from Solicitors.
  • Real-Time Dispatch Notification: ASD clients will be able to see when we are actively dispatching an urgent message to your staff. An icon will appear next to any outstanding messages so you are always aware what requires your immediate attention.
  • Billing Options: Pay your ASD bill on the go with the new billing section we added to ASD Mobile 3.0. You can also open and print your invoices right from the app.
  • Message Notes: The updated app allows you to leave notes for other employees. This feature is integrated with our website, so message notes recorded online and on the app will both display. Using message notes facilitates inner office communication and ensures everyone is on the same page.
  • New Sharing Tools: You can now share messages with other members of your staff via text, facebook messenger or other social networking apps. You can also print and email your messages or forward the call to a different on-call employee.
  • iCloud Login Storage: Funeral directors that run ASD Mobile on multiple devices will appreciate the app’s new iCloud login storage. With this feature, you can add your ASD account(s) information on one device and it will be linked to any other Apple device using the same iCloud account, saving you time.
  • Local Establishment Information: ASD Mobile 3.0’s expanded helper section allows you to add or edit information on local establishments such as cemeteries and restaurants, so that our Call Specialists can provide these details to your callers.
  • Organized Fast Login: Directors who are on call for multiple accounts will appreciate our new login features. You can now change the order that your accounts are listed on the Fast Login page and add accounts without logging out, making it easier than ever to stay on top of new messages.
  • Redesigned Service Editor: With ASD Mobile 3.0, adding service information has never been easier. We redesigned this area of the app to make inputting details faster. You can also use the new Make Service button to copy data gathered on a first call into the app’s service editor.
  • Review Support Tickets: When you speak to an ASD Supervisor about making changes to your account, you can now see a record of this communication on ASD Mobile. This tool allows you to review your customer support tickets and use this information to provide feedback to ASD.
  • Locked Screen Call Playback: When your phone is locked, it can be time consuming to enter a password in order to hear new messages. With ASD Mobile 3.0, messages will push to your screen when your phone is locked with a new playback bar, allowing you to listen to the new message without unlocking your phone.
  • Bluetooth Call Playback: You can now connect ASD Mobile 3.0 to a Bluetooth headset to listen to your messages on the go with ease.
  • View Location Information: Access information on all your funeral home locations, including addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and websites.
  • Enhanced Settings: We know that every app user has their own preferences, which is why we added even more app settings to customize your experience. Explore ASD Mobile 3.0’s new settings section to control what page the app opens to when you launch it, how messages are displayed, what event types are listed when you add new services and more! We have also consolidated your push notification settings so that you can control your push notification preferences and sounds on one single page.

ASD’s Technical team is working to develop ASD Mobile 3 tutorial videos to demonstrate all the new solutions our new app delivers. If you’re attending the upcoming NFDA Convention in Nashville, be sure to stop by our booth, #1329, for a Live Demo of ASD Mobile 3.

“We appreciate all of the funeral directors whose feedback helped us to enhance ASD Mobile 3.0 with new features,” says ASD’s Chief Technology Officer, Martin Czachor, Jr. “Along with always providing compassionate care, funeral professionals expect out-of-the-box thinking from ASD. Our new app is a perfect example of our commitment to innovation.”

We plan to develop ASD Mobile 3.0 for Android over the coming months. Be sure to check back for updates. To learn more about ASD Mobile 3.0 or to share feedback with us, please call 800-868-9950 or email


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