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Introducing ASD’s New Obit Texting Solution

Jul 07, 2020

One of the most common reasons a person contacts a funeral home is to obtain funeral service information. More than ever, people appreciate having information conveniently at their fingertips. ASD’s new Obit Texting solution helps make obituary information more accessible to callers while enhancing the funeral home’s brand. With Obit Texting, when someone calls a funeral home looking for service information, ASD will offer to send them a text message with all of the details from the funeral home’s website.

In the age of COVID-19, funeral homes have had fewer opportunities to forge meaningful connections with the public as the foot traffic in their physical location has decreased considerably. ASD’s Obit Texting provides convenience to funeral home callers while giving funeral homes multiple opportunities to connect with those in their community. This ASD exclusive feature drives more traffic to the firm’s website, creating opportunities for the funeral home to reach more people with their web content than they could previously. Visitors can explore other web pages and learn more about the funeral home. This can in turn increase the firm’s pre-need leads or secure new sales for flowers and condolence gifts.

Watch the video below to learn more about Obit Texting:

ASD is the only answering service in operation that offers funeral homes an Obit Texting solution. The technology employed by this service utilizes ASD’s proprietary software in combination with our company’s integrations with the leading funeral home website providers. There is no effort required on behalf of the funeral home to utilize Obit Texting. Funeral homes need only to post their obituary information on their website and ASD can automatically pull this information directly from the site and text it to the caller.

In addition to providing service information, the text message can include direct hyperlinks to live streaming funerals, which is especially useful as many ceremonies are now being streamed online due to COVID-19. Having the ability to instantly send a text message to funeral home callers with hyperlinks to live streaming funerals has never been more critical as many people will reach out to the funeral home while the service is taking place and appreciate having instantly access without any unnecessary delays. Funeral homes that provide this type of service are more likely to be highly regarded by those in their community.

With Obit Texting, the text message sent to the funeral home caller can be sent using the funeral home’s phone number as the outgoing Caller ID, ensuring that if the person replies their message will be sent to the on-call director. The technology that makes this possible was first introduced by ASD’s patented MobileFH® feature. Currently, ASD is the only answering service providing a solution that allows funeral homes to place phone calls or send text messages using their company phone number on the outgoing Caller ID.

With Obit Texting, funeral home callers who receive text messages with obituary information can then reply to the text and converse directly with the funeral director who is currently on-call. This opens a new channel of communication between funeral homes and the public, giving funeral professionals more opportunities to demonstrate their firm’s first-class customer service.

By bringing more visitors to the funeral home website and helping callers to text directly with the on-call funeral director, Obit Texting is creating new opportunities for funeral homes to expand their business. ASD is providing this service at no cost to help funeral professionals better serve families and their communities.


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