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How ASD’s Custom Messaging Supports Pet Loss Professionals

This is Part III of a series that will outline the different ways we can adjust and tailor our answering service system to meet the needs of funeral and death care related organizations. In Part I, we examined how ASD supports casket and vault companies. In Part II, we explored how ASD helps cemeteries. In Part III, we take a look at the different ways our answering service can serve the needs of pet loss professionals.

“I’m just a vendor, so I don’t think I can use your services.”


Believe it or not, the sentence above has resulted in countless invaluable conversations and relationships between ASD and other funeral-related businesses. At conventions around the country, the ASD team is often given the opportunity to meet fellow exhibitors and learn about different organizations that contribute to funeral service. Many are very surprised to learn about the numerous ways our answering service can be customized to meet their specific needs. This is part of our company’s commitment to providing communication options and solutions to the entire death care profession. We can adjust and tailor our answering service system to meet the needs of funeral and death care related organizations.


In addition to funeral homes, ASD also serves funeral-related businesses and organizations such as casket suppliers, mortuary science colleges and transport companies. If you work in any field related to death care and receive phone calls, ASD has a solution in place for you. Recently, we introduced an enhanced version of our message system that gives our clients the ability to fully customize how information is obtained from callers. Drop down lists, conditional information fields, and special instructions can now easily be added to our message templates. This unrivaled functionality allows you to control the entire trajectory of any call we handle for you and oversee how message details are organized.


Support For Pet Loss Professionals

ASD works with pet loss professionals across the United States and we are a proud supporter of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories. Some of the pet loss professionals we work with also own funeral home while others are stand-alone businesses that work exclusively with pet owners to memorialize their beloved furry friends. We are the pet loss answering service trusted by pet cemeteries, crematories and pet memorial companies across the country for our expertise and sensitivity.


ASD serves pet cremation companies, pet cemeteries and other pet memorial companies with the highest level of customer service. We understand that when a person loses a beloved pet, it is like losing a member of the family. The sensitive nature of these calls requires pet loss professionals to work with an answering service that is highly focused on compassion. ASD’s training program emphasizes the importance of conveying empathy on all calls related to pet burials and cremations.


Apart from our training, we also can tailor our systems for clients that offer pet services. From gathering detailed information from a vet or pet owner, such as the pet’s name, animal breed or weight, to contacting a particular on-call person who is designated for pet calls, our systems can accommodate almost any request.


An example of a pet crematory’s customizable message settings. In this example, ASD to gather the animal type and breed. Provided instructions let our Call Specialists know to communicate important information about After-Hours pick ups to callers. A special notation also appears to let our Call Specialist know that pricing information is available on the account to relay to callers. There is also a custom notation explaining how ASD should handle calls from a specific veterinary clinic.


In this example, ASD is to ask callers who indicate their pet is ready for pick up if they would like a paw print imprint taken.


ASD’s Custom Messaging also allows for conditional information fields based on how the call is labeled. Our Pet Loss clients can provide custom scripts or instructions to give to callers depending on the nature of their call. For instance, one of our pet loss clients provides ASD with a full price list which ASD’s Call Specialists can relay to callers. Another account instructs ASD to immediately connect anyone from a veterinarian’s office to the on-call person. We can also include special scripts to communicate important information to callers depending on the nature of their call. These customization options help ASD to meet the varying needs of pet loss professionals and help them to support those who have recently experienced the loss of a beloved pet.


I can finally sleep easy, literally and figuratively, knowing that the capable staff at ASD can handle the questions and emotions of my families that call after hours. It has been the best improvement I have made to my business.”-John Tedder, Director of Operations at Hamilton Pet Meadow in Hamilton, NJ (ASD client since 2007).


Using an answering service for your funeral-related business is a simple solution that can prevent missed calls, overlooked orders and lost clients. As we all know, the funeral profession is unlike any other. The 24/7 demands coupled with the short timeframe to plan a service and final disposition require directors to work only with the most responsive organizations. Automated systems are no longer enough to meet the needs of this profession as they so often cause frustration, unnecessary delays and misunderstandings. As the answering service trusted by more than 7,000 funeral homes across the United States, ASD is the only company with the training and technology solutions in place to help funeral related businesses of all kinds enhance their communications to better serve the funeral profession.


Still not convinced? We offer a 30-Day no-risk FREE TRIAL for all of our new clients so you can test out all of our technology, including our Custom Messaging Templates, to decide if we are a good fit for your business. To learn more, email or call 800-868-9950 and ask for Craig.


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