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ASD’s Spring 2019 Extra Mile Award Winners

Jun 05, 2019

Here at ASD, we believe the longevity of our staff is truly a testament to the supportive company culture we have worked hard to foster. Though our company has grown exponentially over the past ten years, we have never lost that feeling of a small, family-owned company. We highly encourage staff interactions through collaborative projects, team building exercises, social activities, athletic competitions, volunteer events…you name it! This is because we want everyone at ASD to remain connected as we grow and evolve as a company.


In 2017, we introduced the ASD Extra Mile Award to give our employees the opportunity to commend one another for a job well done. Every month, several of our employees are selected based on nominations submitted by their co-workers and featured in ASD’s monthly newsletter, The Team ASD Times. This award fosters positivity in the office and helps us to spotlight employees who go above and beyond to do a good job at ASD. Since this award was first introduced, employees in each one of ASD’s different departments have been featured. Our staff appreciates being able to recognize their fellow colleagues and the different ways they contribute positively to ASD.


We will be regularly sharing “ASD Extra Mile Award” Winners on our blog. Below are the most recent recipients of this distinguished honor.


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ASD’s Spring 2019 Extra Mile Award Winners

Teresa Kobylarz

Assistant Supervisor – ASD’s Operations Team

Joined ASD in September 2014

“Teresa is always ready and willing to help out any way that she can, at ASD and outside of ASD.”…“Teresa often volunteers for our ASD sponsored events, helps out fellow coworkers and is an integral part of the Training Team. She helps with ongoing training once the Trainees move onto Operation floor and has helped organize that ongoing Training to make sure all our new staff is ready for the next level of taking life’s most difficult calls.”… “Teresa is always willing to come in on her day off or stay later to assist with Training, whether it be cleaning up the rooms, prepping them for the next day or getting materials ready and organized for the next class.”…“Teresa is a wonderful asset to the ASD Team. She is so welcoming and kind to everyone.”



Stephanie Bradford

Sales Office Manager – ASD’s Sales Team

Joined ASD in July 1994

“Stephanie taught me how to do conventions and gave me a full run down of everything I needed to know.”… “Stephanie goes above and beyond to ensure we have everything we need ready for us for all work-related trips and trade shows.”… “Stephanie is always quick with a joke to brighten up your day. She’s always there when you need advice or need help.”… “Stephanie is available for advice, humor and the occasional kick in the behind to motivate us to do our best.”


Brandon Torres

Training Specialist – ASD’s Operations Team

Joined ASD in June 2018

“It’s not hard to hear the genuine kindness and compassion that Brandon exhibits day in and day out at ASD.”… “I have learned a lot of new approaches to take on calls from Brandon. When I am near him, I am always moved by the empathy and concern he shows callers.”… “As a Training Specialist, Brandon helps our newer employees understand the important responsibility we have as Call Specialists.”… “The patience and sympathy Brandon demonstrates as a call taker will undoubtedly serve him as a Training Specialist too.”… “I had the pleasure of completing my training with Brandon and have seen first-hand just how much his skills have evolved in his time here. I am happy to be able to call him my colleague, teacher and friend.”

Emily Landry

Supervisor – ASD’s Operations Team

Joined ASD in August 2016

“Emily is one of the most hardworking people I have ever met. She always comes in early and always stays lates. She deserves this award because she is an extraordinary supervisor and leader, not to mention an amazing friend.”… “Emily always seems to be in a good mood. She is super helpful every time I call with a question and explains everything very well.”… “Emily understands the system and knows how to explain it in such a simple way without making the trainee or Call Specialist feel inadequate. I consider her to be a dedicated employee and a great role model. She is a great asset to ASD.”… “Emily’s personality and humbleness, I believe impacts everyone she meets. She has such a heart of gold.”



Carmen Cervella

Assistant Supervisor – ASD’s Operations Team

Joined ASD in April 2018


“I am nominating Carmen for the Extra Mile Award because he certainly deserves it! Carmen started at ASD in April 2018 and as soon as he graduated the training class, he came on the floor as a second shift Call Specialist. He did an excellent job on second but was moved to first shift and that is where I have seen him shine. Carmen became a Call Specialist Trainer in less than 6 months of working for ASD and he was recently promoted to Supervisor Assistant.”… “Carmen is always eager to help with any tasks or duties we need done. He is always friendly and greets others with a smile. Very helpful to new trainees with questions they may have.”… “Carmen is a great guy both inside and outside of work. He follows ASD standard with every call he takes. He is both professional and compassionate with our clients and callers.”… “Carmen’s recent promotion to Assistant Supervisor will only expand his positive nature for helping others. Carmen can remain calm under pressure which will be a wonderful asset while handling customer service and Operations.”… “Carmen is a great co-worker always helping others who need coverage, always willing to assist with in-house projects, and always offering new employees his help and guidance.”


Myrna Russi

Bilingual Training Specialist – ASD’s Operations Team

Joined ASD in September 2006

Myrna is ALWAYS willing to help with training our new bilingual staff. She takes her time to explain details and gives them as much confidence as they need to do the job.”…“Myrna makes sure her trainees are aware of all the tools available to them to assist in taking calls correctly. She is patient and very kind.”…“Myrna extends her kindness to all new staff to make sure they are ok and know where to go. She has also helped out by reviewing our bilingual training information for accuracy to make sure we have correct information being put out.”…“Myrna’s positivity and friendliness is a great factor when we get new staff as she is completely approachable and is not afraid to smile and say hello! She is truly committed to ASD’s positive office culture and goes out of her way to make people feel welcome and comfortable.”



Brandon Cortes

Bilingual Call Specialist – ASD’s Operations Team

Joined ASD in February 2016

“I have learned new skills from Brandon. He’s just awesome. You can hear his smile in his voice and he is a good example to follow.”…“When I sit next to Brandon, I always hear him being kind and caring to the callers. He’s genuinely concerned and sympathetic with the callers.”…“Recently, Brandon was complimented by a caller and I heard him tell them ‘thank you I do what I can to assist the families in need’. What a great response! I always learn something new by listening to Brandon. He is a great Call Specialist.”… “Brandon is a huge asset to ASD and to the new employees. He is very patient and kind and will do a great job in the future here at ASD. We trained together and he has done an excellent job in his time here so far and has progressed quickly.”



Rebecca Rushton

Training Specialist – ASD’s OperationsTeam

Joined ASD in July 2017


“Rebecca is always willing to help others with coverage or switching shifts. She is friendly, positive, and knowledgeable about the job and is always willing to help fully explain things while remaining patient.”… “Rebecca is always thoughtful of others. She helps others find coverage even when she is unable to find coverage for herself.”… “When Rebecca is in the office, she makes everyone laugh and puts them in a better mood. She is a great trainer and such a pleasure to have as a coworker.”…“The day that Kevin passed away, Rebecca helped coordinate a get together at his favorite bar. She reached out to people individually to make it a big turnout. In general, she makes ASD the family that it is.”



Ariana Rivera Ocampo

Training Specialist – ASD’s Operations Team

Joined ASD in September 2018

“Ariana is a quick learner and is very adaptable. She always has a positive attitude and is compassionate when speaking with callers.”…“Every time I see her she is always smiling.”…“Ariana does such a fantastic job when on the phone even when under pressure. I think she sincerely cares about what she does and knows she is helping people by taking calls at ASD. Her dedication makes her a real asset to our team!”


Be sure to check back next season to read about our Summer 2019 Extra Mile Award Winners.


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