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ASD’s MobileFH™ Feature Awarded Patent from U.S. Patent Office

Feb 28, 2017

We’re pleased to announce the United States Patent Office has just issued ASD an official patent for our company’s MobileFH™ feature. MobileFH™ is an innovative telecommunication solution that allows users to control their outgoing Caller ID. It was developed by our in-house Technology Team specifically to enhance communications between on-call funeral directors and the families they serve.

For years, funeral professionals have needed a solution for the communication problems they experience when using cell phones for business calls. MobileFH™ resolves these issues by giving you control over your outgoing Caller ID. This tool makes it easy to conduct business away from the office while keeping your personal numbers private. Rather than blocking your Caller ID and unintentionally insulting someone, use MobileFH™ as a discreet tool to keep your professional and personal lives separate. Families will recognize incoming calls from you and know what number they should use to call the funeral home. These combined benefits help protect new opportunities by reducing response time and eliminating the risk of miscommunication.

To activate MobileFH™, simply tap on any phone number within ASD Mobile, tap on the funeral home number and the call will be connected displaying the funeral home’s phone number as the outgoing Caller ID. The proprietary technology introduced by MobileFH™ also allows you to record these calls for future reference.

“We are thrilled to receive an official patent designation that identifies the unique and revolutionary technology introduced by MobileFH™,” says ASD Vice President and Family-Member Owner, Kevin Czachor. “Before this technology was invented, on-call funeral directors had few choices when it came to returning calls. We developed MobileFH™ while brainstorming ways we could use our technical resources to provide funeral directors with much needed freedom when using their cell phones. By recording these calls, directors also have a detailed backup of their conversations with families. This is just another example of the ways ASD helps provide our clients with a competitive advantage with solutions that can’t be found anywhere else.”

MobileFH™ was recognized with the 2015 NFDA Innovation Award, an honor that is given annually to a funeral service vendor whose product or service exemplifies creativity, innovation and excellence. The feature has become one of the most popular mobile tools available to the funeral profession, with more than 14,000 MobileFH™ calls per month.

“I have an out-of-area phone number. The ability to call families back with my location’s Caller ID showing ensures that everyone I call will pick up the phone, thus improving my communication with the families I serve,” explains Funeral Director, Anne Christ, of Bradshaw Funeral and Cremation Services in Saint Paul, MN.

MobileFH™ is registered under Patent No. 9,584,663. In addition to MobileFH™, ASD also holds patents for three other telecommunication solutions: First Call Connect™, Solicitor Shield™, and an Aural Volume Feedback tool that is used internally for quality control.

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