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ASD’s Favorite Pastime Series: Wilson Family Funeral Home

Dec 16, 2014

Name: Todd Wilson
Funeral Home Name: Wilson Family Funeral Home
Location: Minneapolis, KS
Favorite ASD Feature: The ASD Mobile App
Photo Description: Funeral Director, Todd Wilson dressed as Santa Claus with his wife, Shelly, sitting on his lap.
Favorite Pastime: Todd has been playing Santa Claus in his hometown for 28 years! The hobby began when Todd was 13. His brother, who is almost 14 years younger, was a toddler and Todd wanted to play Santa for him.

Todd listens as two little boys share what they’d like for Christmas.

Todd and his two sons, Landon and Reece.
Todd says he purchased his first suit from a toystore for $25. His most recent suit was purchased for over $1,500 and was custom made for him in Hollywood. As you can tell from the photos, Todd loves delighting children and takes great pride in creating an authentic Santa Claus look for them.
“As a child, I always loved going to see Santa and I highly disliked “bad” Santas. That is why I have a nicer suit,” Todd says.

The Wilson Family Funeral Home in Minneapolis, KS
Thank you Todd for sharing your favorite pastime with us.
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ASD’s “Favorite Pastime” Series:

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