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ASD Updates FuneralSync 3.0 Software and Website Integration Program

Nov 14, 2013

Funeral professionals spend hours every week entering data into their funeral management systems and posting information on their websites. ASD has designed a FuneralSync Interface that allows you to reclaim the time you once spent on these tasks. We recently enhanced our FuneralSync API to allow for integration with every funeral software management company and website provider. By providing these companies with access to ASD’s API, our clients will benefit from using the most flexible integration tool available to funeral professionals.

ASD’s FuneralSync feature allows you to reduce data entry tasks by syncing your systems with ASD. Through ASD’s integration with the funeral profession’s leading software and website providers, your funeral home can automatically transfer funeral service information to and from ASD or pull First Call information, including call recordings, from ASD directly into your funeral home’s management program. The data can be automatically copied over effortlessly.

To activate this feature, simply contact your software or website company and ask them to activate the integration with ASD’s new FuneralSync 3.0 API. This update provides our clients with more fields they can push information through and will also be synced with ASD’s forthcoming advanced web features. FuneralSync 3.0 was created to be a long-term solution that is highly adaptive to future changes. Updates can be made to the program easily and without delay.

“FuneralSync 3.0 gives ASD’s 20,000+ funeral professional users the freedom to integrate with any funeral software or website company,” says ASD Vice President and Family-Member Owner, Kevin Czachor. “This feature is a winner for all involved, allowing directors to spend more time with families and less time entering data while increasing accuracy.”

To learn more about ASD’s FuneralSync program, please contact us at 800-868-9950.

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