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ASD Mobile 3.0 for iPhone and iOS Devices to Be Released Ahead of Schedule


Sep 18, 2014

This is an exciting time for Apple users as many people are receiving the new iPhone 6 this week. ASD is excited to announce that our company just submitted ASD Mobile 3.0 to the iTunes store today. The app was released ahead of schedule to meet the needs of our clients now using iOS 8.

We’ve heard from some of our clients that ASD Mobile 2.0 has some issues with the new iOS8. We recommend waiting until the release of ASD Mobile 3.0 before updating your phone software to avoid running into these problems. We will let you know as soon as Apple releases our new app to the iTunes store.

The newly enhanced version of our award-winning app will introduce a fresh look and a new slide out menu that allows directors to maneuver through the app quickly. You’ll notice a new home page when launching the app, which summarizes your account activity. We have has also added a First Call section, allowing you to download or print First Call forms.

On-call directors often unintentionally give out their cell phone numbers. We are excited to introduce a new app feature called Mobile FH® that allows you to display the funeral home’s phone number as your caller ID when dialing from your cell phone.

ASD Mobile 3.0 includes many of our new website features as well, including the ability to leave message notes for other employees. Clients can create an on-call schedule, add information about the funeral home’s local establishments, mark numbers for Solicitor Shield blocking, pay their ASD bill, update the account’s password and more.

“We appreciate all of the funeral directors whose feedback helped us to enhance ASD Mobile 3.0 with new features,” says ASD’s Chief Technology Officer, Martin Czachor, Jr. “Along with always providing compassionate care, funeral professionals expect out-of-the-box thinking from ASD. Our newapp is a perfect example of our commitment to innovation.”

ASD Mobile 3.0 will be available on iTunes once Apple completes its approval process. We plan to develop ASD Mobile 3.0 for Android over the coming months. To learn more about ASD Mobile 3.0 or to share feedback with us, please call 800-868-9950 or email


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