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ASD Mobile 2.0: The Most Advanced Funeral Home Telecommunication App Available

Apr 12, 2012

Introducing a powerful new version of ASD’s sophisticated iPhone application

►Unrivaled functionality
►Enhanced features and added tools
►Intuitive, user-friendly interface

We are pleased to introduce ASD Mobile 2.0, a state-of-the-art iPhone application that brings unparalleled control and convenience to your funeral home. Last December, ASD launched the first version of this sophisticated app and over 2,000 of our clients regularly utilize one of its features to manage their ASD account. Now, with the launch of ASD Mobile 2.0, funeral directors will have additional options and can access new mobile tools to conduct business away from the office.

ASD Mobile 2.0 will introduce Push Notification capability, allowing you to control how, when and why you are contacted for your messages. This rapid notifications enhancement will make communication with ASD simple and seamless: new messages will appear on your iPhone screen with incredible speed. For First Calls, you can be notified via push notification the moment an ASD Call Specialist begins to gather information. Other messages appear seconds after the caller disconnects, surpassing text messaging as the fastest communication method available.

Understanding that Funeral Directors need mobile office capability, ASD designed push notifications to create a two-way channel with our clients. Communicate your needs and instructions to ASD with a few simple taps on the screen. Using an iPhone, your staff will be able to create their own unique preferences that can be updated at any time. Set specific time schedules, choose from a selection of sound alerts and save or delete new messages by replying to your push notifications.

ASD Mobile 2.0 will expand the options for entering service and on-call information. You can now post detailed obituary information and funeral times through ASD’s enhanced Service section. Funeral homes with a rotating on-call schedule will appreciate our new Web Check-Out options, which accommodate more detailed on-call instructions. With so many customizable options, ASD Mobile 2.0 helps keep every one at your funeral home connected at all times.

Other new ASD Mobile 2.0 features include enhanced optimization for iPad users. Funeral homes with more than one account will enjoy new Message Summary Counts located on the Fast Login page. Directors will know immediately which one of their accounts has an outstanding message. A log of recently-dispatched messages will be displayed immediately after logging on as a quick reference when you are on the go.

Android users will be happy to know that we are now working to duplicate the functionality of ASD Mobile 2.0 for the Android platform. ASD clients can expect to see a release in the second half of this year.Check our blog and social networking sites to remain up-to- date with the latest developments at ASD.

Click here to download ASD Mobile 2.0.

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