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ASD – Answering Service for Directors Launches Game-Changing New Android Application

Nov 12, 2012

ASD is thrilled to announce the official release of our full-featured mobile application for Android phones and tablets. Recognized as the winner of the 2012 NFDA Innovation Award, this revolutionary app allows you to manage every aspect of your ASD account from your Android device. The app’s intuitive interface, rapid push messaging and unrivaled functionality make “ASD Mobile for Android” the complete mobilized solution for funeral directors on-the-go. 

“ASD Mobile for Android” joins our Five-Star rated iPhone app. With over 3,000 downloads and 40 positive reviews, the ASD Mobile iPhone app has provided convenience and freedom to thousands of funeral homes. Now, ASD has duplicated the functionality of our iPhone app for the Android platform with the help of over 200 beta testers. The feedback and suggestions received from the test group helped ASD’s technical team enhance the app’s performance and ensure that it was fully functional on all Android devices.

Using the app, clients have one-touch access to hear and read all aspects of their message, with an option to share the data via email or text. Funeral Directors can update service information, change on-call details, and provide feedback in seconds using “ASD Mobile for Android.” The app harnesses the power of push notification technology, allowing clients to customize how, when and why they are contacted for their messages. These rapid notifications make communication with ASD simple and seamless: new messages appear on the screen with incredible speed. For First Calls, clients can be notified via push notification the moment an ASD Call Specialist begins to gather information.

Click here to download “ASD Mobile for Android”

Funeral Director Bryan Chandler of Chandler Funeral Home in Caldwell, OH was one of the first to beta test the “ASD Mobile for Android: “Just received the latest Beta Version of the ASD App for Android and wow has this made my life easier!” Bryan wrote on ASD’s Facebook page. “I can’t wait until the final release. I think everyone will be very satisfied.”

Here are some of the benefits of using ASD Mobile for Android:
  • ► Hear and read all aspects of every call handled by ASD
  • ► Receive new messages directly on your phone screen with Push Notification technology
  • ► Reply to messages with your Android phone to reduce the funeral home’s billable calls
  • ► Set or review your On Call Status instructions
  • ► Enter, view and edit service/obituary information
  • ► Manage multiple accounts with ease
  • ► View Caller ID information for every call
  • ► Quickly provide positive or negative feedback for each message to ASD
  • ► Use your account’s contacts as a handy phone book to dial staff members

“Rather than settling for a very generic app, we created our own custom interactive mobile solution ,” says ASD Vice President and Family Member Owner Marty Czachor, who designed the app with ASD’s technical team. “ASD clients have come to expect a higher standard and our Android app is another example of the ways ASD has worked to improve our clients’ lives with the most advanced technology. With our call in-progress push alerts and intuitive systems, clients keep a finger on the pulse of their operation at all times and can respond immediately if a call requires their immediate attention.”

“ASD Mobile for Android” can be downloaded from the Google Play Store website, or by visiting the Playstore application. Please note: our Android app can only be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app is supported by devices running on Android OS Version 2.2 or above. To use Push Notificationcs, you must bhe signed into a Google account. This is a limitation of Google Cloud Messaging


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