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ASD Announces Staff Promotions and Expansion of Client Solutions Department

May 24, 2021

ASD is pleased to announce the recent promotions of five dedicated employees. They are well deserving of these advancements in their careers and we are eager to see what they will achieve in their new roles within our company. We are also thrilled to share our company will be expanding our Client Solutions Department to increase ASD’s customer service outreach

Jim Russo will join ASD’s experienced team of Operations Supervisors where he will offer support to our Call Specialist team working on 2nd shift while continuing to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Jim joined the ASD team in 2019 and has demonstrated his skills as an adept Trainer and Assistant Supervisor, often assisting with multiple special projects and tasks.

Jim says he has gained a deeper insight into the way people process loss from his time working at ASD: I have learned of the different ways that people grieve, and the levels of compassion needed for those callers in order to provide them with an experience that they will appreciate.”

When asked what he enjoys most about working at ASD, Jim says he is most impressed by the incredible Operations team working alongside him: I have met some great people in my time with ASD and I look forward to meeting the new staff that comes along. I look forward to being an influence to the team. To show with motivation and the right kind of attitude, that the sky is the limit!

In an effort to expand ASD’s customer service efforts, we are pleased to announce ASD has recently expanded our Client Solutions Department and have promoted four employees to join this first-class team. Andrew Yavil was promoted to the position of Client Solutions Supervisor, taking on a leadership role within the team while working in tandem with our longtime Client Solution Supervisors, Sherry Martin and Anne O’Reilly.

Andrew Yavil has been a dedicated member of our team for more than five years. Andrew was first promoted to the position of Supervisor in 2017 and had many key leadership roles over the years. From supporting our Call Specialist team in Operations to attending funeral home conventions across the country, Andrew has excelled in every position he has taken on at ASD.

One of the biggest things working at ASD has taught me is how being more patient, understanding, and compassionate can go so far for people going through tough times, even if they don’t know you personally,” Andrew says.“Before working at ASD, the funeral profession seemed somewhat mysterious and niche, but since working here I have now learned so much about the funeral profession and how important their position and reputation is within communities. On top of learning about the funeral profession, I’m learning a lot about business and leading in general. Being able to finish business school as I’m advancing my career at ASD allows me to take aspects from school and apply them to the “real world”, and vice versa.”

Andrew will play a key role in helping ASD to meet our customer service goals, leading a team of Client Solutions Specialists on 2nd shift. Extending the hours of our Client Solutions Department will help ASD to better assist funeral directors when it is most convenient for them.

“I’m very excited to be able to lead, motivate, and support the Client Solutions team in providing our clients with a pleasant, smooth experience,” Andrew says. “Throughout my journey at ASD, I have been striving to be the best employee I can be to the company as well as the most efficient leader I can be to my coworkers. Even though my position has changed, my mentality hasn’t, and I am so honored and grateful to be able to continue achieving my goals personally and professionally in this department.”

Nina McAllister, Brandon Torres and Daniel Eckenrode were promoted to the position of Client Solutions Specialist. They each bring a wealth of insight and experience to their roles.

As the only new member on the Client Solutions team to have previous experience in her role, Yanira “Nina” McAllister brings a great deal of knowledge to her position. Nina worked at ASD from 2016-2017 and previously held the position of Client Solutions Specialist. After moving out of the area for a brief period, Nina returned to work for ASD in 2020 and was a natural fit when a position opened up in our Client Solutions Department this year. As one of ASD’s bilingual employees, Nina is able to directly support funeral homes in areas with a high Spanish-speaking population. In addition to her expertise and impressive customer service skills, Nina’s gracious personality make her a wonderful asset for such a highly collaborative work environment.

“I love the camaraderie in my department and that we are absolutely a team. My colleagues can always come to me if they need help and I can always seek assistance from them as well if I have a question,” Nina says. “I enjoy being able to help funeral directors make their life a little easier, especially when they think it isn’t possible.”

Daniel Eckenrode began working at ASD in 2017. Since that time, he has proven to be an asset to our team both as a call taker and a trainer of our new staff. Daniel’s natural talent for helping others to learn will serve him well in his role within our Client Solutions department.

I’m really looking forward to learning more about the company I work for in this position.Since joining ASD, I’ve always relished in taking on new roles and responsibilities,” Daniel says. “Going from Call Specialist work to training to assisting supervision to teaching the classes I was able to gain insights into each department. Now working with the Client Solutions Department, I’m getting to work with clients directly to update their accounts to suit their needs and each of my previous experiences are able to support me. As I grow with the company, it’s cool to know that I will be able to take the knowledge that I learn from each department to better assist the company that I love.

Joining ASD has also given Daniel a strong appreciation for our unique workplace culture: “Through my time at ASD, I have most enjoyed the sense of camaraderie,” he continued. “We have worked ourselves into a very odd niche that most people cannot quite understand. As such, a lot of us have grown to rely and confide in each other with some of the challenges that we come across from day to day. It has built a nice community of everyone supporting each other, and it’s a great feeling to be a part of it.

Since he first joined ASD in 2018, Brandon Torres has demonstrated a wide range of valuable skills as a Call Specialist and Training Specialist. Many of Brandon’s previous supervisors took notice of his compassionate and intuitive call handling abilities. When asked about his work experience, Brandon expressed gratitude for the patience and attention-to-detail he learned from his time working at ASD.

I have enjoyed being able to use what I have learned from others to be able to become better in my position so I can then pass that knowledge to others who are just beginning their careers at ASD,” Brandon says. “I look forward to now being able to work with other coworkers in a team-based environment.”

Established in 2013, the ASD Client Solutions Team was created to provide ASD’s funeral homes clients with a dedicated Account Specialist that can offer more guidance and assistance. Every funeral home is different and providing a deeper level of customer support ensures ASD is able to meet the specific needs of every client. With more than one third of all mortuaries in the nation trusting ASD with their sensitive calls, the Client Solutions Department is crucial for helping every funeral home receive the individual attention they need.

The Client Solutions team consists of experienced employees who have exceeded expectations in previous roles elsewhere in the company. When a funeral home signs on to take advantage of ASD’s free trial offer, they are immediately assigned a dedicated Client Solutions rep. The Client Solutions Department will follow up regularly to ensure clients understand the different features and tools ASD offers. This gives our clients reassurance someone is monitoring the activity on their accounts on a regular basis.

Expanding our Client Solutions Department allows ASD to assist funeral directors with special account requests when it works best for their schedule. From walking clients through how to utilize all of our ASD Mobile features to providing conference call training sessions to everyone on the funeral home staff, the Client Solutions team was created so ASD clients get the most out of their experience using our answering service.

In the coming months, ASD plans to grow our company’s library of tutorial training videos. This effort will also be spearheaded by our Client Solutions team. With funeral directors busier than ever these days, we understand how important it is to make it simple for funeral home teams to utilize our technology solutions. ASD’s new Quick Tip Tutorial video series allows funeral professionals to discover new and helpful ASD features when it is convenient for their schedule.

To contact ASD’s Client Solutions Department, email or call 800-868-9950 ext 5.

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