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6 Ways First Call Alert® Can Improve Funeral Home Communications

Jan 22, 2013

ASD is the only answering service with the technology in place to notify your funeral home the moment a Call Specialist begins to gather First Call information. With ASD’s First Call Alert® feature, funeral directors can receive a text-message or push notification stating that there is a “Death Call In Progress.” There are countless scenarios where receiving advance notification of a recent death can improve communications at your funeral home. Here are just a few:

1) When meeting with a family, it may be difficult or impossible to answer your phone during the arrangement conference. Rather than risking a lost call or upsetting a family member, you will have time to gracefully excuse yourself before responding.

2)When on the road, answering your phone can be a distraction from the dangers of driving. ASD’s First Call Alert® gives you time to pull over and prepare yourself before returning the call.

3) In a loud environment, it can be frustrating and nearly impossible to hear someone speaking on the phone above the noise around you. By receiving a First Call Alert® text or push notification, you will be able to locate a quieter, more appropriate location to handle the call.

4) When you’re not on call, there may still be a need to monitor new First Calls—especially if you have a close relationship with the family. This feature empowers you to keep track of recent deaths even when another staff member is on call.

5) During a funeral service, you may need to keep a finger on the pulse of the operation while at the same time respectfully observing silence. First Call Alert® provides added peace of mind because you can step away to respond to incoming first calls without interrupting an ongoing service.

6) When expecting a First Call, there is no longer a need to remain tethered to a physical location while waiting for the phone to ring. ASD’s First Call Alert® allows you to conduct business on-the-go while remaining one step ahead of incoming calls.

With ASD’s First Call Alert®, you can respond to messages when you are available or use our advanced First Call Connect® feature to immediately intercept the call. With even more advanced options, First Call Alert combined with ASD’s other innovative, time-saving features ensure directors remain connected with their families 24/7. To learn more about our First Call features, click here.

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Jess Farren (Fowler)

Jess Farren (Fowler) is a Public Relations Specialist and Staff Writer who has been a part of the ASD team since 2003. Jess manages ASD’s company blog and has been published in several funeral trade magazines. She has written articles on a variety of subjects including communication, business planning, technology, marketing and funeral trends. You can contact Jess directly at

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