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Funeral Homes and The Opioid Crisis: Resources and Examples to Follow
Recently, we have seen funeral directors speaking out about the opioid epidemic with raw honesty and compassion. From creating public awareness campaigns with stirring advertisements to speaking directly to recovering addicts, funeral directors are not standing on the sidelines when it comes to this issue. Rather, they are in the combat zone, trying to do everything they can to get their message out.

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ASD allows us to focus more on the business. In the evening when meeting with families, we are not interrupted by the phone. By freeing up time spent babysitting the phone, we can go out and promote the business at community functions and attend more family functions.
Valery Bayliff Fultz

Bayliff & Son Funeral Home, Inc.

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  • MobileFH™

    Show the funeral home's number as your outgoing caller ID when calling from your cell phone.

  • Solicitor Shield™
    Solicitor Shield™

    A powerful, one-of-a-kind tool that provides you the ability to block unwanted callers.

ASD - Serving the Funeral Industry since 1972

Funeral Home Exclusive

Funeral Home Exclusive

Answering Service for Directors has been working with Funeral Homes for more than 40 years. We are an Answering Service that is solely dedicated to Serving the Funeral Profession. We have developed our system specifically for the sensitive needs of this profession. You won't find another answering service that is so finely tuned to your individual requests. Serving a quarter of all Funeral Homes, we feel that we have a solution for practically every situation.

Plans For Any Budget

Any budget for Professional Service

ASD has funeral home answering service plans for every budget. Call us to learn about some of our services, starting under $60/mo, that are designed to save you a tremendous amount of money. Using your cell phone and don't want us to answer those calls? Ask about our cell phone backup feature. With the most advanced technology in the industry, we have solutions for virtually every Funeral Home. See how we can simplify your life at a cost that is affordable to you.