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Jun 18, 2013

ASD Partners with Texas Funeral Directors Association

We’re excited to announce that ASD was just selected as an Endorsed Provider of the Texas Funeral Directors Association. The TFDA’s endorsement of ASD is a testament of their commitment to their members. We were highly impressed by the level of research the TFDA devoted to this decision. During the 2013 Convention in Austin, ASD Vice President and Family Member Owner, Kathy Kelley, and Project Manager, Lauren Kress, presented information to the TFDA on how ASD’s custom solutions can help Texas funeral directors protect their reputations for excellence. We are thrilled that the TFDA recognized the value ASD can offer to funeral professionals.

ASD on the Road

At ASD, we believe our clients are some of the kindest, hardest working people around. Therefore it is a wonderful opportunity to be able to meet in person so many of the funeral professionals that we have been speaking to for years. This past month, our team has already attended trade shows in Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania We are currently on the road at the FDAK convention in Louisville, KY as well as the WPFDA convention in Erie, PA this week. We will travel to Virginia at the end of the month, and look forward to more shows later in the year.

We had a wonderful time visiting funeral directors in our home state at the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association Convention in Grantville. ASD Family Member Owner, Kevin Czachor, and Team Members, Jason Bathurst (LFD), Stephanie Bradford, and Will Chicola enjoyed talking to funeral directors at our booth about ASD’s new website and recently added ASD Mobile features. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth!

ASD Family Member Owner, Kathy Kelley, and Project Manager, Lauren Kress, loved meeting funeral directors and discussing the latest trends affecting the profession at the Texas Funeral Directors Association Convention. Congratulations to Funeral Director Alejandro Villarreal on winning ASD’s Raffle prize—a free iPad mini! It was also great to be booth neighbors with the National Funeral Directors Association. Thanks to Michael Watkins from the NFDA for sending us the photo on the right.

ASD’s “Sensitive Save” of the Week

Pre-planning a funeral can be a difficult step to take for many people, especially when there are concerns about how others in the family might react. This week our Call Specialist, Eboni, answered a call from a woman who wanted to make pre-arrangements for herself but did not want to leave a phone number because she was worried her husband would answer. This is a scenario when ASD’s Patching feature helps us to reassure callers that a director will be on the line shortly. It also allows our clients to connect with callers who need their attention but may not have a number they can be called back on. Eboni is this week’s “Sensitive Save of the Week” winner for recognizing the caller’s need and immediately patching her through to the director.

Click here to see last week’s winner

myASD 4.0’s Fast Login Feature

Do you have more than one account with ASD? If so, you can now login to both of your accounts simultaneously on myASD 4.0, our newly enhanced internal website. Use our new Fast Login tool to easily check messages for all of your locations and switch back and forth between accounts without having to reenter your login information. This feature saves you time and makes it easier than ever to check your messages online.

8 Mobile Apps Every Funeral Director Should Try

With so many funeral professionals now using ASD Mobile, we wondered what other mobile apps might help funeral homes conduct their business more efficiently. We recently conducted a survey to find our answer and received responses from more than 300 funeral professionals nationwide. Below are the top 8 apps that were chosen by other funeral directors.

  1. 1) LogMeIn Ignition
  2. 2) Evernote
  3. 3) Google and Apple Maps
  4. 4) JotNot
  5. 5) Flightview
  6. 6) eFax
  7. 7) Filemaker Go
  8. 8) Splashtop Remote Desktop

To learn more about how these apps help funeral directors, click here.


On June 5th, ASD’s Facebook page received its 1,000 follower. We just wanted to take a moment to thank you all so much for your engagement with our Facebook page and other social sites. We truly appreciate all of your support!


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