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Top Ways to Save On Your ASD Bill


Jan 20, 2012

At ASD, we are committed to helping you manage your business needs in the most cost effective way possible. Through our partnerships and custom-built features, you could dramatically reduce and even eliminate your monthly ASD bill. If you’re not taking advantage of these profitable opportunities, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars of savings. Here are some ways we have helped our clients lower their costs without sacrificing the level of service offered.

Work With Our Rewards Partners

ASD clients have received over $15,000 in Rewards Program credits, simply by working with one or more of our trusted Rewards Partners. Using discounts, rebates and ASD credits offered by participating companies, some funeral directors have eliminated their entire ASD bill. To find out more about our partners and learn about specific discounts, log on to and click the ‘Marketplace’ link on the purple ‘Info’ tab. You can click on any banner to see the discount offered, company information and photos of products. There is no cost to participate in the program: just purchase products from a Rewards Partner, let them know you are an ASD client, and watch your bill shrink! To view your credits, log on to and click on the ‘Rewards’ tab in the Purple Info section.

Refer Another Funeral Business

ASD’s greatest promoters have always been our current clients. As a way to show our appreciation to funeral professionals who recommend our service to their colleagues, we will award your funeral home with $150 for every firm you refer to us. When their first invoice is paid, you will receive a $150 credit on your ASD account. Please submit referrals to Jason Bathhurst at 1-800-868-9950, or email with your name, account number, and contact information for the funeral home you are referring.

Use Our Dial-Delay Feature To Reduce Your Outgoing Calls

Our Dial-Delay feature provides added time for directors to respond to messages without being contacted by ASD. We will send you a text and wait a predetermined number of minutes before dialing any number on your account to dispatch the message. Instead of being charged for outgoing calls, you can respond via ASD’s website, voicemail system, mobile application, or by replying to the text. Dial-Delay reduces your funeral home’s billable calls and provides freedom from telephone disruptions.

Enroll in our Floral Rewards Program

ASD’s Floral Rewards program has helped our clients to earn significant credits towards their ASD bill while using the local florist trusted by the funeral home. Under this program, flower orders can be taken 24/7 and callers benefit from being able to place their order without delay. In addition to improving the consistency and quality of flower orders, you will also receive a generous discount on your ASD bill for each flower order. There is no cost to enroll in the program and no forms to fill out. Simply give us a call and ask to have “Floral Rewards” enabled for your account.

Set Up No-Answer Call Forwarding

We encourage funeral professionals who answer most of their calls themselves to utilize No-Answer Call Forwarding and use us only when they need us. Using this feature, every call will ring into the funeral home first, giving your staff a chance to handle it, before it forwards to ASD. We recommend setting your line to ring 4 times before forwarding to us. This flexible option can save you money by reducing your ASD call volume and provides back up protection for your phones at all times. To set up No Answer Call Forwarding, contact your local phone company and ask them to add this feature. You will need to provide your ASD Call Forwarding number.

Change Your On-Call Information on ASD’s Website

Funeral directors frequently contact us to change their on-call status, sometimes multiple times a day or for multiple phone lines. Instead of wasting time and billable calls changing your status, you can log on to and tell us who is on call right from our website. Our Web Check Out feature can be accessed by logging on and clicking the ‘On Call Status’ link from the teal ‘Data’ tab. From here, you can set your On-Call everyday to greatly reduce your funeral home’s billable calls.


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