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Part II: 8 More Mobile Apps Every Funeral Director Should Try

Feb 04, 2014

As mobile technology grows, more tools and apps are being created every day to help users manage their business needs. Last year, we told you about 8 Mobile Apps Every Funeral Director Should Try based on feedback from more than 300 funeral directors surveyed. Since then, we have continued to search for new and innovative tools that can help funeral directors communicate with their communities and staff more efficiently. Here is a list of 8 More Mobile Apps we think every funeral director should try. Please leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite mobile app is.

1) Asana Mobile: Funeral Home owners and managers are responsible for delegating work to other employees, but keeping everyone up to date on workload requires daily vigilance. Asana Mobile is a shared task link for your team that helps keep everyone on the same page. It allows co-workers to communicate and work together on projects without email. Tasks are kept together in a single location so teams can get more done with less effort. From basic to-do lists to complex projects, Asana Mobile is a great tool for funeral home staff to keep on top of all tasks and stay organized.

2) inDinero: If there were one word every funeral home owner in the country despises collectively, it would be ‘budget.’ Forecasting the operating costs of any business is difficult, but for funeral home owners there are many more variables to consider. Fortunately, inDinero exists to help you keep your accounting, taxes and payroll all in one central location. Consolidate your bank, credit and loan information into one location to create a real-time financial dashboard. inDinero was built with accounting software, allowing users to send invoices, manage financial accounts and track receipts with helpful support from inDinero’s team of accountants.

3) iForm: iForm provides custom, paperless data gathering to make it easier than ever to fill out forms. Funeral Directors are no strangers to completing long documents and iForm simplifies this process by allowing users to create custom forms that can be shared anywhere. Enter text, collect signatures, swipe credit cards, attach other documents and more for easy form completion. Forms can be created and shared without an Internet connection. Once you are finished with any document, it can be shared in a variety of formats, saving you time and paper.

4) CamCard: Funeral directors that travel to seminars, conventions and conferences often return with a pocket or bag full of business cards. Instead of trying to remember what you spoke about with each person, CamCard allows you to take a quick scan of the business card and record notes for future reference. You can also edit, group, sort and export your cards or merge them with your existing contacts. This ensures that you can easily reconnect with anyone who gives you his or her business card without having to maintain a complicated Rolodex.

5) Flowdock: In the funeral business, it can be difficult to plan team meetings and collaborate because of the unpredictable nature of death. Employees are often scattered in different locations. Flowdock provides a solution to this problem. Flowdock is a team collaboration app for desktop computers, mobile devices and the web. The app allows teams to instantly collaborate on projects and emails with group chat and a shared inbox. File uploads, drag and drop tools, activity streams, and instant notifications help teams to work together more efficiently and from any location.

6) CDfuneralNews: is the premier progressive online publication for funeral professionals. Funeral Directors that enjoy keeping up with the latest news in their profession rely on ConnectingDirectors for daily updates and engaging content. In 2012, ConnectingDirectors launched CDfuneralNews, a mobile app that makes it easier than ever for directors to stay informed. The app offers push notification updates when a new article is posted and app-specific content that cannot be found anywhere else.

7) HootSuite: With more and more funeral directors recognizing the benefits of using social networking to connect with their community, HootSuite delivers an easy solution for streamlining your social media communication. Update your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social websites from one location. You can also schedule posts in advance, ensuring that your social pages are always up-to-date no matter how busy things are at the funeral home. The HootSuite app offers all of the benefits of the website, but allows you to make updates while on the go with your mobile device.

8) ASD Mobile Version 2.4: On January 22nd, we updated the ASD Mobile app for iPhones, iPads and iPods to include some new and exciting features. The new update allows you to add notes to messages for other directors to let them know how a message was handled or view any notes that were left by your staff. The update also allows you to easily fast forward or rewind messages by dragging the slider with your finger. Explore our new features and let us know what you think! This will be the last update we make to our app before we rewrite our program so that it is consistent with the look and design of iOS7. These features will also be added to ASD Mobile for Android in the coming weeks.

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Most of these apps are free and the paid ones are less than $5 per download. If you use a mobile app that you think other funeral directors would benefit from, please leave a comment below and tell us more.

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