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Now Available: ASD Mobile 4 for Android

Oct 01, 2019

ASD is thrilled to announce we just released an updated version of ASD Mobile for Android to the Google Play Store. Android users who have been eager to try our MobileFH™ Texting will now have access to this powerful new feature, along with the other new enhancements we’ve added to our app. With the help of many funeral director beta testers, we have built a more advanced and powerful Android app. We are confident these enhancements will deliver convenience and peace of mind to the thousands of funeral directors who rely on our Android app every day. Click below to visit the Google Play Store to download or update our app.

What’s New In ASD Mobile For Android 4

  • Android user clients can now utilize ASD’s revolutionary MobileFH™ Texting feature
  • Voice message colors can now be set
  • Easily jump between related voice messages for better app navigation
  • New back button allows you to easily exit and close the app

How Can MobileFH™ Texting Helps On-Call Funeral Directors

Have you ever wanted to send a text message to a family you are working with or one of your funeral home contacts without giving out your cell phone number?

Have you ever asked for a family to send you a text message containing important information or photos only for it to come through when you are no longer on-call?

Have you ever needed to review your funeral home staff’s text message exchanges with families your firm is serving?

These communication challenges are fairly common occurrences for funeral professionals. When cellular technology was first introduced, it provided directors with more freedom than they had ever enjoyed in the past, but it also introduced a new host of on-call dilemmas. How can you ever separate your personal life from your professional life when you’re receiving text messages from families on your night off?

ASD’s new MobileFH™ Texting resolves this problem by allowing you to send and receive text messages on your cell phone using your funeral home’s business phone number as the sending number. By introducing this innovative technology to text messaging, ASD has made it even easier for on-call funeral directors to be responsive to families without sacrificing their privacy.

Here are some of the key benefits MobileFH™ Texting will offer funeral professionals:

  • Ensures that families and contacts are using the right contact phone number when sending sensitive information or photos to your funeral home via text message
  • Gives on-call funeral directors more freedom to conduct business on the go without giving out their personal cell phone numbers
  • Allows funeral home owners and managers to easily review their staff’s text message exchanges with families
  • Provides a log of all text messages, including photos, that can be easily accessed anytime within ASD Mobile

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