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Kathy Kelley of ASD Appointed Trustee of Funeral Service Foundation to Enhance Educational Efforts in the Funeral Profession

ASD is pleased to announce Family-Member Owner and company Treasurer, Kathy Kelley, has been named Trustee of the Funeral Service Foundation. In this role, she will lend her expertise and support in bolstering educational initiatives within the funeral profession.

The Funeral Service Foundation, known for its commitment to advancing knowledge, excellence, and professional development within the funeral profession, welcomes Kathy to its esteemed ranks. Through her extensive experience and unwavering dedication to funeral service education, Kathy’s involvement is anticipated to make a positive and lasting impact on the Foundation’s initiatives.

Kathy and Lisa Baue, Immediate Past Chair of the Funeral Service Foundation, spending time together at the 2023 ICCFA Convention

Earlier this year, Kathy participated in the board orientation event hosted by the Funeral Service Foundation where she gained deeper insights into the organization’s objectives. Beyond their commendable efforts in scholarship programs, she was impressed by their broader mission to enhance the profession and support communities affected by disasters. This newfound knowledge has further solidified ASD’s dedication to the Foundation.

“The Funeral Service Foundation is a remarkable organization and I am honored to have been chosen as a new trustee,” Kathy shared. “I have learned how impactful this group is with offering scholarships, promoting funeral service and addressing community needs in crisis situations.  I hope to be able to use my talents and outreach to continue to expand these important programs.  In the three decades I have been involved with the funeral profession, the wonderful people working in this line of work never cease to amaze me.  To be able to promote and enhance this outstanding and crucial vocation is a privilege.”

Kathy on stage at the 2017 NFDA Convention expressing ASD’s support for the Foundation

In 2017, ASD established a connection with the Funeral Service Foundation by contributing $100,000 to back the Foundation’s scholarship program. Since then, the Czachor family has directly witnessed the positive influence that the Foundation has had on aspiring funeral practitioners. This is why, in 2022 , ASD committed a second pledge of $100,000 to the Foundation.

We believe it is crucial to promote and inspire more individuals to consider joining the funeral profession. Efforts such as the recently established Todd Van Beck Memorial Scholarship, honoring the late, esteemed mortuary science educator, aim to encourage individuals aspiring to pursue a career in the deathcare field. These initiatives seek to cultivate their enthusiasm for funeral service and provide vital support.

People may not initially envision becoming a funeral professional, due to lack of awareness about the diverse opportunities available. While this business may not possess a glamorous allure, it plays an indispensable role in our society. The Funeral Service Foundation is committed to offering assistance and backing to those remarkable individuals who decide to embark on the less conventional path of pursuing a career in mortuary science. Given the recent scarcity of licensed funeral directors, this mission has never been more important.

Empowering the next generation of funeral professionals is very close to our hearts here at ASD. We believe it is essential to support those who are driven to become morticians and nurture their passion for funeral service. For the past seven years, our company has hosted tours and lectures at our office for students in the mortuary science program at Mercer County Community College. We look forward to this visit every year as it gives us a chance to hear fresh stories from aspiring funeral directors. Many students are also eager to hear about how ASD and the ASD Mobile app can help them in their future endeavors.

Kathy Kelley and Lisa Baue strike a pose at the Funeral Service Foundation Booth during the 2023 ICCFA Convention

During the recent board orientation event, Kathy had the opportunity to spend time with Jedd Lapid, the newly appointed Executive Director of the Foundation, and Jessica Bursi, who recently took on the role of Development & Program Manager for the Foundation. Kathy was moved by the passion and drive these two individuals exhibited, and their vision for the organization certainly resonated.

By increasing our company’s engagement and dedication to the Funeral Service Foundation, ASD is pushing forward our mission to invest in the future of funeral service. Kathy eagerly anticipates exploring additional avenues to support the Foundation in achieving its vital objectives and leaving a meaningful mark.

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