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How ASD is Keeping Your Phone Lines Protected During These Challenging Times

Dec 18, 2020

As we approach the coming holiday season, we are beginning to see an increase in death calls which normally happens at this point every year as the flu season also starts. We anticipate this will be compounded by the coronavirus. For the past three weeks, the number of deaths seem to be about 6% higher than normal. We will continue to monitor our statistics and update our blog with the latest findings.

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With more than 90% of our staff currently working from home, ASD has taken measures to greatly expand our company’s remote capabilities in response to COVID-19. Our remote office model has evolved in recent months to help our company to better meet the challenges brought on by the pandemic. ASD’s leadership team has never stopped working to enhance our systems, training, and quality control measures. We have taken many steps to ensure our clients are not in any way impacted by our switch to a work-from-home model, including:

Growing our workforce: ASD has continued to hire and train new employees throughout the pandemic. Between the months of March and August, more than 60 new employees joined our team. There have been zero cases of COVID-19 traced to our training classes as we practice social distancing and our advanced technology allows our trainers to teach these classes remotely from home. Expanding our depth of staff ensures that calls are answered promptly. On average, more than 90% of the calls ASD handles are answered on the first ring.

ASD staff working remotely from their homes

Quality assurance monitoring: In an office setting, ASD supervisors are able to observe staff performance with ease. When employees are working remotely from home, this requires the use of advanced technology. ASD supervisors are equipped with a command center style interface that allows them to monitor every employee’s computer screen. They can also listen in on any phone call in real-time for quality control. Additionally, every ASD Call Specialist is regularly calibrated by our Supervisor team to ensure their calls are being handled professionally and accurately. This includes checking to confirm there are no background noises present on calls.

State-of-the-art equipment: All Call Specialists’ home computer stations are equipped with a wide computer monitor that displays a large amount of funeral home data for real-time use. Behind the scenes, ASD has taken measures to improve and expand our bandwidth capabilities. Our in-house technical team has worked tirelessly upgrading computer hardware and software along with implementing many custom improvements to our system at large to handle COVID-related requests.

Many office-based companies have struggled to pivot to a remote work force, banking on everything returning back to normal sooner rather than later. While we certainly look forward to being able to gather together again, our leadership has understood from the early days of this pandemic that returning to the office at full capacity might not happen for a long time. This clear outlook of the future has helped our company to adapt to this new reality and enhance all of our remote systems. We were also fortunate that we began exploring these options several years ago when we were seeking out solutions to help our staff work from home during major weather events.

In these uncertain times, one thing you can always remain certain of is ASD’s commitment to keeping your phone line protected. Our company’s investment in advanced technology and remote solutions has enabled us to meet the challenges brought about by the pandemic head on. ASD has transitioned seamlessly to a remote workforce and we continue to refine our systems. By regularly calibrating staff, reviewing client concerns immediately and evaluating calls for quality assurance, ASD’s supervisors ensure our level of service remains consistent.

“With all of the logistical challenges and difficult decisions funeral directors have been facing this year, one thing they haven’t had to worry about through this pandemic was their telephone lines,” says ASD Vice President and Family-Member Owner, Kevin Czachor. “ASD is running strong! We will remain a reliable and dedicated partner to the funeral homes across the country who are counting on our service for telephone support through this crisis.”


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