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Health and Fitness Tips for Funeral Directors: Part 1

Jan 17, 2023

These days, just about everyone is focused on ways to stay healthy. It has been proven, time and again, that good physical health leads to good mental health and improved immunity. Funeral directors come face to face with mortality every day and are often reminded how unhealthy habits can lead to a premature death. As a result, many funeral directors are deeply focused on maintaining their health and tracking fitness goals over time. This got us thinking about some of the different methods funeral directors use to stay in shape.

Here at ASD, we make health and fitness a central part of our workplace culture. All of our employees are given a free membership to a Planet Fitness gym and free, unlimited access to the Headspace meditation app. We also make workout equipment available to staff who work in-house and participate regularly in athletic competitions. Leading by example is so important -and that is why you will always find one of ASD’s Family-Member Owners taking part in these annual races and competitions.

Clockwise from the left: ASD Family-Member Owners, Kevin Czachor, Kathy Kelley and Marty Czachor Jr at the 2022 Spartan Race; work out equipment available to employees working in the office; photos shared by ASD staff of them enjoying their free gym memberships.

To celebrate the start of a brand-new year and to spread positive encouragement to everyone in the profession who is focused on maintaining their physical health, we are launching a new series with helpful fitness tips for funeral professionals, by funeral professionals. From personal stories that will inspire you on your fitness journey to practical tips you can apply to your own regimen to ideas for encouraging your entire funeral home staff to stay healthy, ASD’s Health and Fitness Series will help keep you motivated. Most of the tips and stories we share will come from funeral directors like you, but we’re also pulling back the curtain at ASD to show you a few of our own secrets for staying healthy.

Got a health or fitness tip for us to share? Email Jessica Farren at to be included in our blog and social media series.

ASD Health Tip #1: Bring the Gym to the Office


Watch the video above to see ASD National Sales Manager, Craig Meehan, take on you a short tour of our office showing all of the different work out equipment we provide to our staff working in-house. While the majority of our staff works remotely and has access to a free gym membership, we still make equipment available for those employees who prefer to work in the office. We even have a combination treadmill workstation that allows you to take calls while walking on a treadmill.

ASD Health Tip #2: Invest in a HidrateSpark Water Bottle


“Throughout 2022, we bought our staff HidrateSpark water bottles,” shared Jennifer Martin of Martin Funeral Home in Mount Morris, MI. “These are smart bottles that track your fluid intake. You can choose to have friends on the HidrateSpark app who also have a water bottle. Staff can be friends with each other and encourage and compete with each other.”



ASD Health Tip #3: Hold Smart Watch Challenges


In the past, companies used to give employees Pedometers and have employees manually track their steps. Now, with the advent of wearable smart technology, it is even easier for teams to participate in walking or running challenges and celebrate each other’s progress.

Employees at Martin Funeral Home use their FitBits to keep encourage each other to keep active.


“Several of us have Fitbits, and we are friends with each other on the Fitbit app,” Martin shared. “Each week, we have a Workweek Hustle and a Weekend Warrior Challenge to stay active.”

Be sure to check our blog next month for more health and fitness tips from funeral directors. Got a health or fitness tip for us to share? Email Jessica Farren at to be included in our blog and social media series.

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