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Guest Blog Post: Improve Communication for Your Funeral Home with Technology

Aug 21, 2018

ASD is pleased to share this guest blog post from marketing
Joel Lee of Trumpia, a comprehensive SMS platform that helps
organizations overcome communication challenges and develop mobile strategies.
In this guest post, Joel discusses how funeral professionals can use technology
to improve funeral home processes, expand marketing efforts and better serve
the needs of today’s families.

Improve Communication for Your Funeral Home with

communication is vital in the funeral home industry. Families are grieving, and
you are a huge part of the process of saying goodbye to a loved one. From the
initial call for services, to the final prayer, your customers want to feel
taken care of throughout the entire process. In order to improve your customer
service, it’s time to embrace technology and learn how it can serve your
funeral home.

Optimize Your Time

are times when you are going to feel overwhelmed as a funeral director. A great
way to
time as a funeral director
is to use efficient, fast forms of
communication when appropriate with customers. You can set up a text messaging
system for customers to reach out to you for services, to answer questions and
to make communication easier with family members. You won’t have to waste time
answering or returning phone calls when customers can reach you faster through
text messaging. Potential customers can reach you almost instantly at a time
when they need answers. A fast response can make or break your funeral

Increase Brand Awareness

you are not the only funeral home in town, you are going to have competition.
This means that you have to spend some time marketing your services in order to
maximize your reach. Grow your brand awareness through carefully constructed
social media platforms. Pay attention to trends in the funeral services
industry and market your services towards these trends. Know what your
customers want and look for ways to deliver your message on social media.
Building brand awareness takes time and effort, but it is worth the hard work.

Change with the Times

stay profitable in a changing market, it is important to change with the times.
Funeral homes are providing less embalming and more cremation services for many
individuals and this trend is expected to continue. With more cremation
services, this means less profit for funeral homes. When you have a website
that is responsive and offers guests a way to purchase flowers or gifts for the
family, you will be able to maximize your profits this way. In addition, you
have to get creative when it comes to providing ways to handle the cremains if
people are interested.

Optimize Your Site For Mobile Use

majority of your customers are going to be searching for your services
using a mobile device.
This means that your website needs to be optimized for use on mobile devices
and should load as fast as possible. You don’t want customers to find your
services, only to have a terrible time trying to navigate your website. Keep
pictures to a minimum and try to make the process of navigating your site as
seamless as possible using mobile devices.

Use Social Media Advertising

media advertising is both effective and affordable once you get the hang of it.
You’ll need to learn the differences between each platform and how best to
maximize your reach. Advertising on social media is easy, once you optimize
your efforts. You can afford to build your brand awareness and market to your
potential customers through the use of social media and ads. Pay attention to
changes to the funeral home market and try to provide new services if there is
a steady interest.

funeral home industry is changing, and this means that high-quality
communication is important. Pay attention to your customers and always respond
to inquiries as fast as possible. With the right technology in place, you can
create brand awareness and provide excellent customer service to those you

About the Author:

Joel Lee
is the marketing specialist at Trumpia, which earned a reputation
as the most complete SMS solution including user-friendly user interface and
API for mobile engagement, Smart Targeting, and advanced automation. Jumpstart
your business by grabbing your free copy of this powerful
Marketing Success Kit.

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