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Expand our Local Knowledge of Your Funeral Home with ASD’s Helpers Feature

Did you know that every ASD client has access to a ‘Helpers’ Tool to quickly send ASD information on local establishments and details about common callers? By providing this data to ASD, our Call Specialists are better able to answer routine questions and provide a more local touch to your callers. Using this tool can also save you a great deal of time because you have fewer calls to return. The more information you provide us with, the better equipped our Call Specialists are to answer questions and represent your funeral home.

Here are some of the ways our Helpers Tool can be used:

Cemeteries: Add addresses and phone numbers for cemeteries in your local area so ASD can provide these details to callers. This allows us to assist not only callers attending an upcoming graveside service, but also those that are trying to locate a plot or get in contact with a cemetery about a past burial.
Nursing Homes and Hospitals: Help ASD to better recognize an incoming first call by providing addresses and phone numbers for local hospitals and nursing homes. Adding this information will also make it easier for our Call Specialists to confirm the addresses of facilities in your area when handling a First Call.
Hotels and Florists: Many people call a funeral home simply for a referral. Provide us with your recommended hotels and florists so we can assist these callers on your behalf. You can add multiple florists or hotels and even provide us with specific details such as their hours of operation or how far away they are from your funeral home.
Gathering Places: Add information about common gathering places where you often hold services (Example: churches, restaurants, reception halls). You can then easily insert this information when sending ASD your obituary service information, saving you time.
Common Callers: If there is a person or company who routinely calls your funeral home, provide us with their phone number so we can quickly recognize their call. You can also provide instructions on how calls from this person or company should be handled. For instance, if you are involved with a local organization or club, you can add their contact information here so that ASD will always be able to quickly identify them when they call the funeral home.

You can access our Helpers feature from within or ASD Mobile for iPhone.

On our website, click on the ‘Helpers’ link located under the Data section of our navigational bar. From here, you can click on any of the categories within the Helper section of our website to add specific details.

From ASD Mobile for iPhone, tap on ‘Information’ (located near the bottom of the Navigation bar, above ‘Settings’). From here, tap ‘Helpers’ and then tap on any of the categories list to add specific details. Please note: currently you can only view your Helpers on ASD Mobile for Android. We are working to bring this functionality to our Android app in the coming months.

We know how important it is for you to offer a personal touch to callers who contact your funeral home. That is why ASD encourages you to utilize our Helpers tool so that we can assist your callers with information about your local area 24/7. To learn more about how to utilize this feature, please call 800-868-9950 or email

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