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Clear is Our Favorite Color: How ASD’s Transparent Business Practices Protect Your Funeral Home

One of the phrases often heard swirling around our profession is that funeral directors are afraid of change. Many assume because the funeral profession is steeped in tradition directors are automatically resistant to any transition. In fact, the reality is that funeral directors are simply more cautious than other professionals because their work demands it. Even the smallest detail is substantial when it comes to honoring another person’s life—an event that must be executed in a short window of time with loved ones who are often emotionally distraught.

It is only natural for funeral professionals to want to evaluate everything they can about a vendor before trusting another company with their business. How many times have you been sold a product or service only to find it lacking after closer inspection? Funeral directors can’t afford to be distracted by smoke and mirrors when selecting what companies to work with because one poor decision can have an adverse affect on both the funeral home’s reputation and the family’s grieving process.

Many companies focus on building and maintaining a facade to distract from inadequacies like unreliable technology, high turnover, poor leadership and uncommitted staff members. It is not difficult to create this illusion. Anyone with a website and Photoshop can easily project a false image. Vendors without a proven track record will market themselves in many different ways, from misrepresentation to outright lying. ASD is different. From day one, we have endorsed transparent business practices that allow funeral professionals to monitor every aspect of our service.

For the past 45 years, we have refined our service to provide greater peace of mind to funeral directors who trust us with their sensitive phone calls. At ASD, nothing is ever hidden from our clients. It is this culture of transparency that has allowed us to separate ourselves from other answering services. When ASD made the decision to work exclusively for funeral homes, we knew one of the most important things a director would expect from a specialized service was the ability to listen to their calls. To our knowledge, ASD was the first answering service ever to offer clients recordings of their phone calls. Listening to messages lets ASD clients know how families are treated and protects business.

ASD clients can keep track of every aspect of a call. We log every call that we answer including hang-ups and wrong numbers so clients never have to question if they’ve missed anything. Directors can log on to and utilize our exclusive RingTracker™ tool to monitor how many rings each call was answered on. All calls can be reviewed on our website, mobile app or voicemail system.

Pull the curtain back at ASD and you will find the most sophisticated technology among any answering service. Our custom-designed software gives directors multiple ways to evaluate how their calls are answered. You will see the various stages of our rigorous training program. Call specialists are carefully selected and must exhibit compassionate communication skills to handle some of life’s most difficult situations. Funeral professionals are always welcome to visit our offices to see firsthand our state-of-the-art data center, powerful onsite backup generator and dedicated staff.

There is a reason why 40% of all Independently Owned funeral homes in America use ASD. We believe that the only true award is the number of funeral professionals who trust us with their phone calls, not because we are the cheapest, but because we supply solutions not available anywhere else at an affordable price. Seeking new ways to enhance communications for funeral homes without ever relying on any tricks or gimmicks has helped us to grow and expand more each year.

We invite funeral professionals to try our service for one month free, but our goal is to work with you until the day you retire. Nearly half of our clients have used ASD for over a decade. This is a result of our honest approach to business. By consistently remaining upfront with our clients, ASD has been able to enjoy success as the largest and most respected provider of telephone answering services to the funeral service community. Our unparalleled experience, technology, training and transparency is no illusion.


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