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Celebrating Freedom: Happy 4th from ASD!

Jul 03, 2017

From Our Family to Yours, Happy Independence Day!

We hope that you, your family and staff enjoy a relaxing and festive 4th of July holiday! Every year, this date reminds us to pause and appreciate the freedoms we are so fortunate to have. At ASD, we believe that freedom comes in many forms. We know that many funeral directors spend a great deal of time shackled to a phone. Our mission is to provide solutions that liberate our clients to spend more time doing the things they love while still being able to assist families in their time of need. Gain freedom this summer by taking advantage of all of our features and services.

Did you know that ASD’s Supervision team is available 24/7, 365 days a year? If you need to create a special on-call schedule for a holiday or vacation, you can contact us anytime at 800-868-9950 ext 2. You can also fill out our Vacation form to give your extended on-call status. To assess our vacation form online, log on to and click ‘Forms’ in the Information section of the navigation toolbar. Select ‘Vacation’ and fax the completed form to 1-800-306-0363.

Last year on July 4th, ASD answered 99.9 percent of all calls by the fourth ring, and 98 percent by the first ring! This is because every major holiday, ASD creates a special schedule that includes all of our employees. While our call specialists work shorter shifts, scheduling all of our operators increases the overlap of employees to guarantee the office is never short staffed. It also aligns with ASD’s all-hands-on-deck approach of the office working as a collective whole to ensure the highest quality of service for our directors. We want you to enjoy those rare days off with confidence that your phone lines are always protected.

With the ASD Mobile App, you’ll never have to answer the phone during a BBQ again! We can send you the details of every message and our systems are flexible enough to allow you to respond to all urgent messages with a quick tap, giving you more time to yourself and off the phone without sacrificing the quality of service you provide to families. Stay in control of all incoming first calls with the First Call Report, which will send the owner or manager the details on all incoming first calls via text, email or push notification, even when other employees are on call. You can also quickly and efficiently change your on-call status, send us service details or re-dispatch a message to a different employee through our mobile app or on

The 4th of July is an important reminder that America is the home of the free because of the brave. We are thankful for all of the servicemen and women who sacrificed so much to give us our way of life. We encourage you to listen to the podcast interview below with Bill Williams, the Founder of Remembering Our Fallen. Remembering Our Fallen is a war memorial that consists of individual exhibits created to remember our country’s fallen, from the war on terror to today. Unlike most war memorials made of brick and mortar, these memorials are designed to travel so that more people can have the opportunity to remember our fallen, while being reminded of the tremendous cost of our freedom.

Listen to Bill’s podcast interview to learn more about this important organization and how funeral directors can help.

Finally, to recognize and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of funeral professionals, especially around the holidays, we wanted to share this important Funeral Director Fact with you. Thank you for all that you do to support the families in your community!

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