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ASD’s Spring 2021 Extra Mile Award Winners

Jun 17, 2021

Here at ASD, we believe the longevity of our staff is truly a testament to the supportive company culture we have worked hard to foster. Though our company has grown exponentially over the past ten years, we have never lost that feeling of a small, family-owned company. We highly encourage staff interactions through collaborative projects, team building exercises, social activities, athletic competitions, volunteer events…you name it! This is because we want everyone at ASD to remain connected as we grow and evolve as a company.

In 2017, we introduced the “ASD Extra Mile Award” to give our employees the opportunity to commend one another for a job well done. Every month, several of our employees are selected based on nominations submitted by their co-workers and featured in ASD’s monthly newsletter, The Team ASD Times. This award fosters positivity in the office and helps us to spotlight employees who go above and beyond to do a good job at ASD. Since this award was first introduced, employees in each one of ASD’s different departments have been featured. Our staff appreciates being able to recognize their fellow colleagues and the different ways they contribute positively to ASD.

We will be regularly sharing “ASD Extra Mile Award” Winners on our blog. Below are the most recent recipients of this distinguished honor.

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ASD’s Spring 2021 Extra Mile Award Winners


Kristina Hartner

Client Solutions Specialist – ASD’s Client Solutions Team

Joined ASD in 2013


“Kristina is consistently going above and beyond. She creates training materials, helps her teammates who need assistance and steps up to the plate whenever we need a lead in the department. She’s helped so much during COVID and continues to be an asset to the team.”… “Kristina consistently goes above and beyond to assist PCS. She is always lending a helping hand without being asked. She assists with many departments including PCS, Billing, Sales, and Operations.”… “Kristina is incredibly detail-oriented and has a very sharp mind. Her versatile skill set makes her a huge help to multiple teams here at ASD. We are very lucky to have such a smart and capable employee on staff.”…“Kristina is always one to offer help in the PCS department to not only clients but coworkers. She is always pleasant on the phone with clients and very helpful especially to our new clients who are on the free trial.”



Lorenzo Bazan

Bilingual Training Specialist – ASD’s Operations Team

Joined ASD in 2008


“Lorenzo has always just wanted to do the very best job for ASD and our clients. He will not hesitate to clarify something so he fully understands information or new procedures.” … “Lorenzo’s willingness to go above and beyond is constant. He will never hesitate to help a client with a translation call and shows complete professionalism when doing so. His calm tone and patience are evident in how he handles each call.”… “Lorenzo’s recent reinstatement to Call Specialist Trainer will benefit ASD in the most positive way.”… “Lorenzo’s years of service and knowledge of our system should and will be shared with newer staff which can only benefit everyone.”


Margarite Wilbon

Supervisor – ASD’s Operations Team

Joined ASD in 2014


“Margarite is a great team lead! She is very patient and does not mind taking the time to review procedures with her team. She makes certain the staff understands the system.”… “Margarite has a calm and friendly tone which lets staff know she is approachable for anything. That can make all the difference when someone is new or a little tentative.”… “Margarite has a great knowledge of our system and account setups which she will always willing to share with those who have questions.”…”Margarite is a wonderful asset to our team and we are very lucky she has chosen to work at ASD!”



Vianny Adames

Bilingual Supervisor – ASD’s Operations Team

Joined ASD in 2013


“Vianny is an excellent team lead who is very approachable and friendly to everyone.”… “Vianny has helped me with questions and concerns I had on multiple occasions. She is a wonderful asset to our team who is always willing to assist with whatever we need.”…”Vianny is a very sweet and kind co-worker. She always has great rapport with our clients and does a wonderful job responding to funeral directors with concerns.”…”Vianny makes people feel comfortable when talking to her which is an excellent skill to have.”



Tina Boyle

Training Specialist – ASD’s Operations Team

Joined ASD in 2008


“Tina has been a dedicated, hardworking and highly knowledgeable ASD employee for 13 years, and that’s not even counting her years working at our Glenolden building back in the day. Listen to any one of her calls and you will hear that experience shine through. Her kindhearted and empathetic nature make her a true model Call Specialist.”… “Tina has a wonderful way with callers and really tries to connect with them on a human level. Some things cannot be taught – they just come more naturally for some people and Tina is without a doubt one of those people. She deserves more praise for all the wonderful work she has done here at ASD for so many years.”



Karen Rawnsley

Senior Call Specialist – ASD’s Operations Team

Joined ASD in 2012


“Karen is one of the most caring and sweetest people to work with. She is always willing to help out with hours and will even reach out to you if she knows you need help on certain days or if you’re struggling in your personal life.”…“One of the things I miss most about being in the office is working alongside Karen.”… “Karen has a very calming soothing voice which not only helps callers but also new employees. It’s a shame that we don’t work in office because she would be a great asset to sit near new employees. She explains concerns so well and does a great job getting her point across.”



Ian Boyd

Training Specialist – ASD’s Operation’s Team

Joined ASD in 2019


“Ian has done a great job in the short time he has been with ASD. He is very calm with callers and clients, very comforting to guide callers through a call.”… “Ian has a great knowledge of the system and how it works. Excellent attendance and overall role model call specialist. He has great patience and understanding.”… “Ian’s most recent achievement was to become a Call Specialist Trainer which has completely been in ASD’s favor as he does a great job with trainees.”


Danielle Calvert

Assistant Supervisor – ASD’s Operation’s Team

Joined ASD in 2012


“Danielle is a staple on 3rd shift. She is always willing to help whether it’s with someone needing coverage or coming in to assist.”…“Danielle’s expertise shines through her work. She has vast knowledge of our system, and is so great on the phone whether assisting a client or Call Specialist, or taking a first call from a family.”… “Danielle is always kind and very compassionate. She puts callers at ease and always knows the perfect responses.”… “Danielle has really helped out a lot of her co-workers this year. She has helped a lot with Call Specialists who needed a break during the pandemic by covering their shifts. When assistants were able to safely return to the office, she did not skip a beat.”



Rosa Morales

Bilingual Advanced Call Specialist – ASD’s Operations Team

Joined ASD in 2020


“Rosa is always willing to lend a helping hand to our co-workers here at ASD. Being that we are remote and have limited access to one another, it is great to feel a sense of connection with your coworkers outside of the office. Rosa is great at making those connections!”… “Rosa is someone who is willing to take time from their busy day and cover a shift for you, or explain something you may not understand. Any employee who is willing to work more than their scheduled time is an employee worth recognition and praise.”



Be sure to check back next season to read about our Spring 2021 Extra Mile Award Winners.



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