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ASD’s Patent Series: Aural Volume Feedback (Part 3)

Aug 05, 2015

ASD’s Patented Aural Volume Feedback enhances the quality of our calls by ensuring our staff remains cognizant of their vocal inflection.

The inventive team behind ASD’s communication solutions has built mobile tools for funeral directors as well as an answering service system that allows our call center to operate efficiently. In our effort to highlight our Tech team, we wanted to share some of the history behind ASD’s patented technology solutions. This is Part 3 of a 3-part series that explores ASD’s proprietary technology.

If you’re familiar with ASD, you may already be aware that we offer funeral professionals a wide range of mobile tools and technology. What you may not be aware of, however, is that every one of the features we have created started out as a problem. When a funeral director shares a communication dilemma he or she has experienced, it provides the foundation for every new idea formed at ASD. Eventually, a new solution evolves from this idea to specifically address the problem. By working with funeral homes across the country, ASD has discovered and introduced some incredible telecommunication advancements.

In June, we explained how ASD’s First Call Connect® helps funeral homes connect more seamlessly with families in need. Our blog feature detailed how ASD was awarded two separate patents by the United States Patent Office for this feature and how it has transformed communication for on-call directors. Last month, the second installment of our Patent series examined how the idea for ASD’s Solicitor Shield™ tool was born and how this feature evolved to become the most powerful telephone spam blocker in existence.

ASD’s Fourth Patent: Aural Volume Feedback

Patent No. 8,929,535
Patent filed: December 6, 2013
Patent issued: January 6, 2015

The fourth patent ASD was issued is for an internal feature we developed that enhances the quality of calls answered by our Call Specialist team. The Aural Volume Feedback can automatically detect when one of our operators is speaking too loudly during a call. The Call Specialist is then alerted and can make adjustments to their tone of voice or headset microphone to ensure they are speaking at the correct decibel level.

Everyone knows someone in his or her life who is a loud talker. It is a common communication habit that can be difficult to break. ASD designed this feature as a built-in reminder to employees who tend to speak at a higher volume. Although this feature is used internally at ASD, it directly benefits our clients. Helping our staff to be cognizant of their speaking voice enhances the quality of calls answered by ASD. By creating our own internal solution, we have eliminated a problem that affects every answering service.

“The ASD Tech Team has developed the systems and software platforms used daily by our employees, as well as our customers,” says ASD Vice President and Family-Member Owner, Martin Czachor Jr. “This provides ASD the ability to modify our systems to enhance our service or provide a completely new solution. Since we develop our own technology, this is the primary competitive advantage of ASD. Our competitors can attempt to copy us, but they never know what we have in the pipeline. And many of our solutions are now protected by US Patents, effectively eliminating imitation. Therefore, our competitors will always trail ASD in technology!”

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of ASD’s patented solutions, please contact us at 800-868-9950.

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