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ASD’s Longest-Tenured Employee, Bill D’Orazio, to Retire After 50 Years of Remarkable Service

Feb 04, 2021

You might be surprised to learn that ‘ASD’ did not originally stand for Answering Service for Directors, but rather ‘Alarm System Design.’ Before becoming an answering service, the Czachor family founded an alarm company that worked with businesses, schools and private residences throughout the tri-state region. In 1971, ASD’s very first employee, Electrical Engineer, William “Bill” D’Orazio, was hired by ASD Founder Marty Czachor Sr. Bill was just a teenager when he first started working at ASD, assisting with alarm maintenance and electrical work.

A photo of Bill from the late 80s with Operations Director Ric Cusumano, Vice President Marty Czachor Jr, Vice President Kevin Czachor and Founder Marty Czachor Sr.

“Bill was well suited for the job at Alarm System Design. He had a naturally friendly personality over the phone, and, in person,” explains ASD Founder, Marty Czachor Sr. “I called Bill after my wife, Barbara, found in our local paper an ad listed under ‘Situation Wanted’. It stated interest in electronics. The funny thing was, Bill did not know the ad was even in the paper as his mother put it in! Bill was a guitar player/ singer/ song songwriter in a band and wanted to pursue music as his life’s dream. I do thank God and Barbara for being instrumental in having Bill meet me in the Llanerch Diner in January 1971.

Bill agreed to work with us and began employment February 4, 1971, which just happened to be our one-year anniversary of Alarm System Design. As a team, Bill and I were well suited working together at Alarm System Design. His natural technical knowledge and going to school were strengths for our Alarm Company. He was the glue that kept things together. In the early years, I would sell alarms and then Bill and I would install them. It was a good time as we worked well together. All of our customers respected Bill. He had a confident, very professional way about him. Clients trusted his work as he did it the right way.”

Bill installing an alarm sensor

As ASD began expanding into telecommunications and growing our answering service, Bill continued managing our alarm company along with a multitude of other tasks that have been crucial to our company’s success. While his official title is Electrical Engineer, Bill has also served as our Security Supervisor, Building Maintenance Manager and Office Repairman. From installing electrical wiring to ensuring our building is secure to supervising construction work, he is truly a one-man machine who has been a key component in helping us grow into the company we are today.

Bill holding the 50th Anniversary Milestone Award he was presented with this week.

On February 4th, Bill will celebrate his 50th Anniversary working for our company. Bill will also officially be retiring from ASD this year after five decades of remarkable service. As our longest tenured employee, Bill has been the most excellent, dedicated member of Team ASD—a true model for all others! Whether he’s rewiring an entire section of our building or calking a window to keep our offices draft-free, no job has ever been too big or too small for Bill. His skillful approach to any challenge has helped ASD tremendously over the years in more ways than we could ever count.

Bill with ASD Founder, Marty Czachor Sr.

“Bill has been the wind under our company’s wings,” says ASD Founder, Barbara Czachor. “It would have been very difficult to try to manage this company without Bill’s gifts and many talents. He has enriched our business, as well as our family life. He is family to all of us Czachors. Recalling any member of Bill is pleasure. He is such a clever person with such a peaceful personality. We always said, if Bill cannot fix the problem, the problem cannot be fixed.”

While we are sad Bill will be leaving our employment this year, we are glad he will be able to enjoy more time with his family. We’re also happy to share that our alarm company will be left in good hands. In our company’s early days, Bill was often joined by assistants who would help with installing and maintaining alarm systems. One of these assistants was an employee named Jim Devinney who worked with Bill in the early 90s for several years.

On the left: Bill and Jim Devinney with ASD Founder Marty Czachor Sr in 1980. On the right: Bill and Jim today.

Over the past three decades, Jim has remained a close friend of the Bill’s and the Czachor family. Even after leaving ASD, Jim would cover anything needed by Alarm System Design whenever Bill was on vacation. As we prepare for Bill’s exit, we are excited to announce that our friend, Jim Devinney, will be taking over Alarm System Design from ASD. it is truly an amazing story of everything coming full circle and we couldn’t be more thrilled that a former member of Team ASD will be taking up the mantle at Alarm System Design.

One of the most incredible blessings of operating a family-owned business is how your employees become like family members and Bill is truly an incredible example of this. As teenagers, ASD’s 2nd generation owners, Marty Jr and Kevin Czachor, would often assist Bill on the job to learn about the business.

“Billy is an electrical wizard. He is also a jack of all trades. He wears so many hats, because there is almost nothing he can’t do. Over his 50 years working in our family business he has taught me his wisdom in any ways,” shared ASD Family-Member Owner and Vice President, Kevin Czachor.

Bill with ASD Vice President, Marty Czachor Jr and Senior Systems Engineer, Gary Foster

“During my “Summer Interns” while in High School (1982-1984), I would work with Bill at Alarm System Design. I worked with Bill at many client’s homes, businesses (AmPro Install!) and schools,” recalls ASD Family-Member Owner and Vice President, Marty Czachor Jr. “Bill kept me busy, (mostly) out of trouble(!), and learning about the security business. Bill was such an adult, and I was such a kid! Reflecting back, Bill was 26-28 years old, and JUST A KID TOO! My very favorite memory is the Lunch Time Frisbee catches, in a local park or side street!”

The old Alarm System Design company van

“Bill has been around practically my entire life and is certainly considered part of our family. As a child I have many fond memories of Bill working with my dad,” shared ASD Family Member Owner and Treasurer, Kathy Kelley. “Every morning at 8 AM, they would meet outside our kitchen door and discuss the workplan for the day. Numerous times Bill would give me a ride to school or the bus stop on his way to his first appointment. Then again at 5 PM he’d be out on the patio with my dad recapping what occurred during the day. There were many Alarm trucks over the years, but the red Alarm System Design van driven by Bill is plastered in my brain. In the “olden” days I recall Bill tinkering with solder guns making circuit boards for various systems in the workshops at our parents’ house and at 303. I also remember the unfortunate time Bill got his hair caught in a drill. I think he has kept his hair shorter ever since!”

An Alarm System Design product showcase in the 80s

“Our family thanks Bill for his honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness and cleverness which enhanced our company. I don’t ever remember being in an argument with Bill. He was easy-going and always got the job done right! Bill looks the same to us today as he did 50 years ago, minus his big curly hair! He grew up with all of our family and we call him family because that’s what he is to all of us,” says ASD Founder, Marty Czachor Sr.

Bill has built strong relationships with all three generations of the Czachor family. From the moment he joined our team, he became a fixture at every Czachor event and family party. Bill had a front row seat watching ASD’s 2nd generation grow from teenagers into parents themselves and seeing their children come of age. He has mentored the third generation of Czachors who all see him as a member of their family.

“Billy has been around my entire life!” shared Financial Planning Analyst, Melissa Kelley. “Billy, you were always so nice when I was younger and patiently answered all my questions about what you were doing with the wires! From a young age, you taught me the importance of electrical safety and that a project could be completed even if it wasn’t easy. My earliest memory dates back to being just four years old when you invited me and Joey over to see your dog’s new puppies with my grandparents. This day was so exciting and officially started my puppy obsession!”

It is truly hard to imagine ASD without seeing Bill walking around outside the building, standing on a ladder fixing a camera or dropping down from the ceiling after working on the wiring above. He is such a huge part of our company’s DNA, literally and figuratively laying the foundation of our business. There is no doubt his influence and guidance will continue to shape our company for years to come.

Bill adjusting electrical wiring around the office.

In honor of his outstanding career here at ASD, we asked everyone to share some of their favorite memories of Bill and the different ways he has impacted them.

“I have never known Bill to be anything but super nice and accommodating, no matter what was going on. He is always willing to help with anything and is a genius at figuring things out. Many times our family has said, “Let’s have Billy look at it. If he can’t fix it, we will throw it out and get something else!” Bill has a very gentle demeanor and is able to explain complex electrical systems in simple terms that anyone can understand. His work is always impeccable and never sloppy.

From the beginning, Bill always did top-notch work, paid attention to the smallest detail and laid the groundwork for making sure our companies always had exceptional customer service experiences for our clients. Bill has been involved every system possible at ASD and also “the Drope”, X-10s, Windowguards, Watercops, and lately Meross. He has the best sense of humor and will always laugh at the unusual predicaments we have found ourselves in. Bill is also an inspiration for working out and keeping himself in shape. We have been so fortunate to have him on our ASD Team as a critical and first piece of our ASD Family!”-ASD Treasurer and Family Member Owner, Kathy Kelley.

Bill sitting with his mom at a Czachor family party. Bill originally found employment at ASD after his mother placed an ad in the paper with the title “Situation Wanted.” The funny thing is, Bill didn’t even know she was placing the ad!

“Bill has been the “Mr Fix It” for ASD for so many years. If anything broke, Bill was able to “Fix it”! I still fondly remember our “Employee Switch Board” that Bill created for us when we worked at 303 Glenolden! This device allowed us to toggle a switch that would light up letting others know if you were IN at ASD, or OUT. Brilliant from the beginning! If any device had a wire, and stopped working, Bill was The Man to fix it! Even if it “wasn’t broken” but you just wanted it to do something “different”, Bill was the Man to Fix it! Bill and Electricity is like peanut butter and jelly!”-ASD Vice President and Family Member Owner, Marty Czachor.

“Among the many lessons Billy has taught me over the years, three in particular stand out:

1. Be ready for the unexpected. After drilling a hole, he would pass me the drill bit. It was scorching hot and I would have to juggle it like a hot potato. I didn’t fall for that trick too many times, but it was more than once. Billy has a hysterical sense of humor!

2. You have to put in the work to get the results you want. When Billy told me he got in shape using a Bowflex machine, I thought it sounded so simple. Came to find out that being healthy is about eating healthy and actually using the exercise equipment, not just buying the equipment! I actually gave Billy my 15-year-old pristine unused Bowflex machine, because he had worn his out.

Bill and ASD Family-Member Owner, Kevin Czachor, at the Media 5 Mile Run

3. Do things right the first time when you control the time. Otherwise, your mistake will fail at the worst time.

4. Most importantly be kind to all people. I literally have never met a person who didn’t like Billy.”-ASD Vice President & Family Member Owner, Kevin Czachor

“I was fortunate to work with Bill in my early years with ASD. Bill was a positive mentor and helped shape my dedicated work ethics. Bill was always available for the company and our clients. I have several fond memories of how our clients respected Bill. Bill was always friendly and professional with everyone. I remember how patient Bill was with me teaching me the Alarm business, installations, and making window guards. Bill has the ability, knowledge and skills to fix anything. I often think of him as ‘MacGyver’ or ‘Mr. Fix It’”-Director of Operations, Ric Cusumano, who has worked with Bill for more than 36 years.

Bill being recognized with an ASD Milestone award alongside Operations Director Ric Cusumano and Operations Manager Sharon Batten.

“During my 30-year tenure, Bill has been my go-to person. I relied on his knowledge and professional service of the alarms systems, most helpful building knacks and skills ranging from repairing broken locks, chairs, all types of fixtures and so much more.” –Operations Manager, Sharon Batten, who has worked with Bill for more than 30 years.

“Bill’s calm demeanor, genuine kindness and tremendous patience has always amazed me. Whether dealing with alarms or any other issue – Bill was always available to help. All my life at ASD, Bill could be (and usually was) our Mr Fix It – no matter what the ‘IT’ was.”-Operations Supervisor, Sue Norbeck, who has worked with Bill for 26 years.

“Billy always has a smile on his face. Never in all the time I have worked with him did he ever make me feel like I was bothering him with a question. He taught me to make time for everyone. He will do anything you ask without hesitation. What a great quality in a person. I am not sure what ASD will do without Billy. Whenever something is not working in the office or with my Alarm, I text Billy. He always helps right away. In a way Billy is ASD!”-ASD Financial Manager, Dara Dix, who has worked with Bill for 24 years.

Bill standing alongside ASD’s longest tenured employees

“I think we can all agree that Bill is the glue that holds ASD together. He is dedicated, hardworking and always carries a positive attitude. Bill never complains, even if you have to call him about an issue in the middle of the night. Billy is ASD’s “MacGyver” – he literally can fix anything, and he has a deep and insightful appreciation of how everything works at ASD. In all the years I knew Bill he gave me unfailingly good advice on a range of topics and always would go out of his way to ask how you are doing. I often think back to the day ASD’s Operations moved from Glenolden to Media. Bill took time out of the busy move to help unload cars and show a small group of us how to make the little “black box” for the computer stations. We often would look back and laugh about the Bilco door alarm and procedures.”- Operations Manager, Linda Haas, who has worked with Bill for 20 years.

Bill is a great guy. Always made himself available to help with anything in the office from broken computers and chairs, to the occasional clogged toilet (or sewer back up, lol sorry I’ll never forget that!) to remodeling the office and handling the alarm company, even at all hours of the night. He would do anything for you with a smile, a genuine sweetheart. Undoubtedly, the most dedicated person at ASD.”-Senior Call Specialist, Chris Bevilaqua, who has worked with Bill for more than 17 years.

Bill with ASD Vice President Marty Czachor Jr, Chief Software Architect Norman Franke and Senior Systems Engineer Gary Foster

“If anyone has gone the extra mile at ASD, it’s definitely Bill. Bill has always gone above and beyond at ASD: coming in on weekends to fix problems, not using much vacation to handle alarm service calls, etc. For so many years, Bill was the only one with knowledge about fire alarms, building alarms, access control (fobs), etc. Bill has always worked very hard and could have retired years ago. There likely would be no ASD without Bill.”-Chief Software Architect, Norman Franke, who has worked with Bill for 14 years.

He always made himself available to assist and to make your job more comfortable and safe. Anytime I informed him that something needed to be repaired, he always gave you attention and was very professional and efficient. He took care of any request right away.’-Training Specialist, Myrna Russi, who has worked with Bill for more than 14 years.

A few messages our staff wanted to share with Bill in honor of his anniversary and retirement:

“We admire and thank you Bill for being the gift of life to Alarm System Design. We love you and ask God’s continued blessings for you and those you love! We wish you all the best as you start retirement. Godspeed and good health!”-Marty Sr and Barbara Czachor.

“Bill, you have never ceased to amaze me, and I wish you the finest retirement anyone could EVER have! Thank you for 50+ years of dedicated service!!!”-ASD Family-Member Owner, Marty Czachor.

Bill with Senior Systems Engineer Gary Foster, Technical Analyst Kristine Soderland and Vice President Marty Czachor Jr.

“Congratulations on 50 outstanding years, Billy!! This milestone is truly unheard of these days. You’re an amazing mentor to all! Thank you for the great lessons, hard work, and dedication to ASD and my family over the years!”- Financial Planning Analyst and 3rd Generation Family-Member Owner, Melissa Kelley.

“Congratulations on 50 years with ASD! You will be truly missed when you retire!”-Director of Operations, Ric Cusumano, who has worked with Bill for more than 36 years.

“Bill: this new era of your retirement will be difficult for all of your ASD family. I will fondly remember your set up of the generator alerts and opening the Bilco door (not!). Most of all, I will miss our laughs and shared stories. I wish you a long, healthy, enjoyable retirement!”-Operations Manager, Sharon Batten, who has worked with Bill for more than 30 years.

Bill with Client Solutions Specialist Sue Fritz and Operations Supervisor, Jen Hoban

“It is going to be so strange not having you to call for……well just about everything. I just need to know who’s going to fix my shoes now Bill ?!? You will be missed. Congratulations and Enjoy!!”-Operations Supervisor, Sue Norbeck, who has worked with Bill for 26 years.

“What a great accomplishment! 50 years! Thanks for all you do and have done for us.”-ASD Financial Manager, Dara Dix, who has worked with Bill for 24 years.

“Congratulations on your 50th work anniversary! Thank you for all of the motivation and encouragement you’ve given me throughout the years.”-Operations Manager, Linda Haas, who has worked with Bill for 20 years.

Bill with ASD Vice President Marty Czachor Jr, Senior Systems Engineer Gary Foster and Chief Software Architect Norman Franke

“Bill, you will truly be missed! It was a pleasure working with someone who was very dedicated, reliable and who you could always count on. Enjoy your retirement!”Training Specialist, Myrna Russi, who has worked with Bill for more than 14 years.

“Although your smiling face will be missed around the office, I hope you enjoy your retirement. Be well, stay safe and enjoy every minute of it, you deserve it!”-Senior Call Specialist, Chris Bevilaqua, who has worked with Bill for more than 17 years.

Congratulations Bill on your remarkable 50-year career and thank you for being essential to ASD’s success. We applaud the determination and effort you have demonstrated during your time with us. You will be remembered and missed for all of the wonderful things you contributed to our company! Have a wonderful retirement and best wishes on your next adventure!

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