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ASD’s Favorite Pastime Series: Saether Funeral Home

Apr 23, 2013

Funeral Home Name: Saether Funeral Home & Livery Service.
Location: Blanchardville, WI
Photo Description: Paul Saether and his children, Sarah and Jeff, pose with the family’s 1969 Superior Cadillac combination ambulance and hearse. The car was purchased by Paul and his father in 1990 and is frequently spotted at car shows and parades. The 1969 Superior Cadillac combination ambulance and hearse is similar to the style of car used in earlier years by the funeral home to provide ambulance service and funerals to communities of Blanchardville and Hollandale.
Favorite ASD Feature: Text-Message with Reply. Paul likes being able to discreetly respond to his messages by replying to a text without having to make a phone call.
Favorite Pastime: Collecting and restoring antique funeral cars and sharing his passion with his children, Sarah and Jeff. Paul’s love for funeral cars also resulted in him starting his own livery service. “One of the highlights of my Livery life has been purchasing two matching 2013 Lincoln hearses at the end of November and travelling to the Federal factory in Ohio with my daughter to pick them up.”

ASD does a fantastic job of taking phone calls and orders for hearse rentals from other funeral homes for us and immediately notifies us so we can return a call to the funeral home client confirming for them that we will be there. This service ASD provides to us is also an important part of our business operations,” Paul says.

The Saethers also own a 1969 Cadillac convertible, white with red interior and black roof. Paul is a proud and active member of the Professional Car Society, a group that encourages restoration and preservation of funeral cars, ambulances, flower cards and limousines in their original, stock condition.

Paul says his love of antique cars is shared by his two children, Sarah and Jeff. Sarah has been travelling with Paul to Professional Car Society gatherings since she was 3 and now his son Jeff attends too.

Thank you to Paul Saether for sending ASD these photos and allowing us to feature you in our blog this month.

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ASD’s “Favorite Pastime” Series:

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