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ASD’s Favorite Pastime Series: F.S. Roberts & Son Funeral Home

Feb 26, 2013

Funeral Home Name: F.S. Roberts & Son Funeral Home
Location: Rowley, MA
Photo Description: David and Gidgett Roberts taking in the scenic views of Tennessee from the Blueridge Parkway on their motorcycle
Favorite ASD Feature: The ASD Mobile app for Android

Favorite Pastime: Traveling to different parts of the country on a motorcycle and taking in all the sights.

David and Gidgett enjoying the beautiful landscape in Lake George, NY

The F.S. Roberts & Son Funeral Home is one of the oldest continually operated family businesses in the nation, allowing its owners to build a tradition of service and involvement in the community. The funeral home is highly involved with the community through volunteerism, charities, and a college scholarship for graduating seniors of Triton Regional High School.

Thank to David and Gidgett for sending ASD these photos and allowing us to feature you in our blog this month.

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ASD’s “Favorite Pastime” Series:

We would love to share more photos of funeral directors enjoying their favorite pastime. Send us a photo of you engaged in your favorite hobby or activity for us to share and show others what you love to do when you’re not doing outstanding work at your funeral home! Please email all photos or inquiries to

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