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ASD Mourns The Loss of Beloved Training Supervisor, Bob Gordon

Jun 15, 2017

Our hearts are heavy this week as we mourn the sudden loss of our beloved Training Supervisor, Bob Gordon. Bob has been a member of our ASD family since early 2016. He was loved by all of his colleagues and held in high esteem for his strong work ethic, gracious personality and caring heart. Bob’s influence on our company and those he worked with will continue to be felt in the years to come. His talent as an instructor earned him a position as an ASD Training Supervisor where he was instrumental in helping our new employees learn how to take life’s most difficult calls. He played a vital role in helping our new employees to feel welcome and in supporting our Call Specialist Training Team.

To Bob’s family and loved ones, know that you are in our prayers and that everyone here at ASD is grieving with you. We are so deeply sorry for your loss.

We will be doing everything possible to support our staff to help them get through this
difficult time. Here at ASD, our employees are more than co-workers. We are
truly a big family. So many enduring friendships and relationships have begun
within the walls of our building. So, when we lose one of our own, the impact
is felt by everyone on a very deep level. The void left behind is like a
crater-sized hole in our hearts. While our employees handle calls involving
loss every day, there is no way to prepare for the sudden absence of a beloved
colleague and friend. As ASD’s full-time Training Supervisor, Bob was not only
a co-worker, but also a close friend and confidant to everyone he worked with.

Known for his great sense of humor, Bob donned this great
Yoda-inspired get up during last year’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest.

A touching photo of Bob spending time at the beach with his
girlfriend, Vicky Smith (ASD Call Specialist Trainer), and his close friends
Keyla Santiago and Joshua Reynolds (ASD Assistant Supervisors). Thank you to Keyla for for sharing this.

Bob spending time with his close friends Keyla and Josh and his girlfriend, Vicky, on Halloween. Thank you to Josh for sharing this.

A photo of Bob with his girlfriend, Vicky Smith. The couple
met while working together here at ASD. (Thank you to Keyla for sharing this)

We would like to take a moment just to thank all of our clients, partners and former
employees who reached out to us to express their heartfelt condolences. From
leaving a note on our Facebook page, to relaying sympathy to our Call
Specialists on the phone, to sending a thoughtful card – we are truly
appreciative of the outpouring of support we have received. At the MS/LA
Convention, our Project Director, Lauren Kress, was truly moved by a gentleman
who approached her just to say that we were all in his thoughts and that he had
added us to his group’s prayer chain. Its moments like this that make us truly
grateful to work in a profession characterized by compassion.

Below are a few of the heartfelt tributes
shared in remembrance of Bob:

Bob. I still cant believe that you’re really not here with us anymore. It still
feels like a dream to me. You were such an amazing person inside and out.
Always had a smile on your face and could light up any room. Always had a way
of bringing people together and you were always the life of the party. Things
will never be the same without you and I’m so sorry that your life ended so
soon. I’ll miss seeing you at work, always tapping on my shoulder and cheering
me up. I’ll miss our Mario Kart nights all four of us had after a long day at
work and going out together, but most importantly I’ll miss you. ❤ My love and prayers go out
to your family.
-Keyla Santiago, Assistant Supervisor

“I have no words for
this… but at the same time I could go on and on about Bob. He was one of the
most genuine best friends I’ve ever had in my life. His dedication, understanding,
loyalty, and compassion are a few of the hundreds of qualities that man
possessed which are so rare to find. The only explanation I have for this is
that God needed his angel back with him. He will forever be missed by all of
the lives that he touched. Keeping his family in my thoughts and

-Samantha Batdorf, Assistant Supervisor

loved you dearly as a brother. You were more than a coworker or friend. I’ve
only known you for more than a year but our friendship surpassed many
friendships I had. You were a great guy. Fun, loving and caring. I am deeply
sorry. My condolences to The Family. May you Rest In Peace Bob.

-Joshua Reynolds, Assistant Supervisor

“BOB you always gave me words of
encouragement and made me smile when I thought I couldn’t. You were like my at-work
big brother. Rest easy”
-Keila Lighty, Advanced Call Specialist

“Bob, there are no words to describe the heartbreak we all are experiencing. You were the reason I pushed myself to do the best I could even when I was doubtful. You gave me words of encouragement and you had such an uplifting personality; it was inspiring to be in your presence. I cannot express my deepest condolences enough to your family and your best of friends. I’ll always remember you for being the most genuine and loyal friend I’ve ever known in such a short amount of time. You have touched so many and you will be missed so much. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.”-Emily Landry, Assistant Supervisor.

“Bob was an all around great person and I’m
honored to have known him for the short time I did. He was always positive and
encouraging! He worked for me one a.m. in the Training Class so I could
attend one of my final Bowling League games. Bob text me to say everyone was
cheering for me and to let him know my scores. In just this little way, he showed
he cared and was encouraging me to do my best. Not only did I bowl 167, I won
over average for the day $$ by 34 pins! He had my score at the whiteboard when
I came in the next day.”
-Renee Mancer, Training Supervisor.

“We were Bob’s first graduating training class, and as a three-week course, 5 days a week with the same supervisor, you can’t help but get to know one another. Even though only knowing Bob for a short period of time, it was still obvious to me and I’m sure all of us what a great person he truly was. It was shown through his helpfulness, patience, kindness and knowledge. This picture is a reminder of his playfulness at heart.. As it was his idea for the goofy photo. He will truly be missed by every one of us at ASD.”-Amanda Morelli, Call Specialist.

“I will miss hearing “Hello Ms Donna” in a way
only you can say it. I didn’t have to look up…I knew it was you… Rest Easy
-Donna Twitty, Supervisor

“Bob was a genuinely kind
person. He was the best kind of friend you could ever have. The world lost a
beautiful soul but heaven gained an amazing angel. I love and miss you Bobbert”
-Sydney Schultz, Call Specialist Trainer

“You are not guaranteed tomorrow, you never know
what day is going to be your last. Remember to tell your family, friends,
animals, neighbors that you love them. Don’t take your life for granted as you
only get one. RIP Bob, until we meet again. I’m glad I’ve had the pleasure of
knowing you.”
-Heather Anne Mini, Call Specialist Trainer

“Bob- I am honored to have
been able to call you a dear friend. You will truly be missed by many. I am so
sorry for this terrible tragedy and cherish every moment and memory I have with
you. Until we meet again my dear friend. I hope you rest peacefully among the
-Lauren Fisher, Supervisor

didn’t know Bob all that well. But from what I do know, he was always kind,
helpful, an uplifting team leader, and willing to share his knowledge for
everyone to succeed. He was one of my favorite supervisors, never
condescending, always willing to listen and provide feedback, along with
helping me remain calm when I would panic, etc. I am very sorry to hear of his
passing. I will beyond miss him in the training classes.”
-Heather DiEgidio,
Assistant Supervisor

“I have only known Bob since starting in Octobers training class. He trained me a couple times and he showed so much patience and willingness to teach. Everyone in my training class who had him, loved his style of teaching. He was always kind when I would see him, always spoke. So many tributes I’ve read show just how wonderful of a person and much of a friend he truly was. You almost feel privileged to have had him in your life, even if just for a short period. My heart goes out to his entire family and his very loyal group of best friends. I am so sorry you are all going through this. Losing someone is never easy, but sudden losses leave even more heartache. Love to you all.”-Cree Henson, Call Specialist

“Hello Bob, I’m lost for
words because it’s been too much of a shock but I can say that in the few weeks
that I knew you, you left a positive impression and although you’re gone too
soon, I pray that you are in the bosom of the Lord. Rest in glorious peace.
-Precious Bonney, Call Specialist

“Keep on Bowling”-Mark Gilroy, Call Specialist Trainer.


As we cope with the sudden absence of our beloved friend and
colleague, we are reminded of a powerful quote from an unknown author:
“When someone dies young,
they stay young in your memory. If he burns brightly before he dies, his
brightness shines for all time.”
– Bob will always be remembered by
everyone here at ASD as a bright and shining soul. We are grateful for the time
we got to spend with him. His gentle spirit, listening ear and accepting nature
will be missed dearly by everyone who had the privilege to know him.

If you would like us to add a photo or remembrance of Bob to
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