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ASD Feature Spotlight: Smart Text


Oct 17, 2011

Every time a funeral director leaves their office, the job duties and responsibilities of the business follow them out to lunch, on the road and at home. ASD understands that you must remain connected to the families you serve 24 /7. We have developed mobile solutions such as a Smart Text option for our clients who regularly use Smart Phones to provide you with more freedom to conduct more business on the go.

We understand the crucial importance of your “First Calls” and created features like the Smart Text tool to offer more options in how you access, prioritize and respond to these urgent, time-sensitive calls. With the Smart Text feature, every time an ASD call specialist handles a “First Call” for your funeral home, the information will be text-messaged with a useful hyperlink. From your smart phone, you can click the hyperlink to open a webpage and read the message or listen to an audio recording of the call.

According to ASD Vice President Kevin Czachor, “Traditional text messaging allows for almost instantaneous communication, however with limitations. Here is were the limitations end. Each ASD Smart Text directs our clients to a mobile phone optimized webpage dedicated to each message. Directors can see and hear all aspects of their call, no matter how lengthy the message. They can easily let our staff know they received the message, saving our clients time and eliminating billable phone calls.”

While ASD’s system automatically generates detailed text messages, some cellular providers impose a character limit that can omit critical information. Smart Text eliminates the possibility of excluded or incorrect information on a text due to restrictions from your local phone company. It ensures complete accuracy, so you’ll never have to doubt if part of a text is missing or out of sequence. The Smart Text system was created by ASD’s Technology Team, known for developing the most powerful and user friendly mobile phone and desktop computer accessed website in our marketplace.

“All of us use smart phones and it is wonderful to be able to listen to our messages online without ever having to call in. All of us receive the same text so the staff stays better connected,” says Funeral Director Patrick Mahoney of Bodnar Mahoney Funeral Home in Cleveland, OH. “It’s convenient during meetings and when we’re on the go because we can access messages easily on our cell phones.”

Smart Text was designed exclusively for funeral professionals that utilize web-capable phones and hand held devices. We understand that every funeral home has unique needs and encourage our clients to specifically tailor their account by selecting the features and settings that fit their funeral home’s particular business model. Designed for directors that require mobile office capability, the SmartText feature ensures you’ll never miss a single detail of a First Call when you have to step away from your phones.

To learn more or to sign up for Smart Text, call 800-868-9950 ext 2 or email


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