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Meet ASD’s Spanish-Speaking Bilingual Team

With more than 35 bilingual Call Specialists on Team ASD, our company ensures Spanish-speaking callers can always communicate their needs to our clients. We can even provide full translation services for funeral homes that don’t have a Spanish-speaking person on staff.

Over the past decade, ASD has worked diligently to attract and retain bilingual employees in order to offer this protection to funeral homes serving a large Spanish-speaking population. For many years, these directors have been limited to generic companies that do not work exclusively with funeral homes. With the growth of our bilingual team, clients can protect calls from Spanish families while working with a company that caters to the specific needs of funeral professionals.

“Everything we do here at ASD is about eliminating the possibility of a lost business opportunity for a funeral home. We understand it is crucial for Latino families to always feel valued when contacting a funeral home day or night,” says ASD Vice President, Kevin Czachor. “Having our bilingual team in place ensures ASD clients have peace of mind knowing first calls from Spanish-speaking families will always be handled with understanding and compassion.”

According to the Pew Research Center, more than 37 million people in America speak Spanish at home. In states such as California, Texas and New Mexico about 10% of the population speak only Spanish. In addition to providing funeral services to Spanish families, many funeral homes have handled calls from families needing assistance with transporting their loved one’s remains to a different country. ASD has assisted on many of these calls for funeral homes all over the United States. In some instances, directors who are not fluent in Spanish have relied upon our Call Specialists to provide accurate translations.

ASD’s supportive company culture has helped our company to retain bilingual employees. The average ASD bilingual employee has been employed for four and a half years. By offering support and incentives to Call Specialists who are fluent in Spanish, ASD has been able to build an experienced and highly skilled bilingual team.

“ASD’s bilingual staff helps callers by reducing the stress and discomfort they experience on a daily basis, due to the language barrier and not having the ability to express themselves clearly,” says Myrna Russi, who has been a member of ASD’s Spanish bilingual team for more than 15 years. “ASD eliminates errors by ensuring their needs are understood.”


If you would like to learn more about ASD’s bilingual solutions for funeral homes, please contact us at 800-868-9950.

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