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ASD Employee Spotlight: Sherry

Feb 18, 2014

ASD Assistant Supervisor, Sherry, joined the ASD team in 2009 as a Call Specialist. Over the past five years, Sherry has demonstrated multiple skills and has proven herself to be extremely adaptable, often assisting with several projects simultaneously. Sherry’s friendly, patient demeanor and technical skills have made her an excellent Training Specialist. When she is not teaching Call Specialists how to handle funeral home calls, she is assisting our Supervisor team with various tasks that include monitoring system issues, answering questions for clients and calibrating Call Specialists’ calls.
Sherry’s role in the company recently expanded to include Proactive Customer Service support. She works closely with ASD’s Customer Service, Technical and Financial department to evaluate our clients’ accounts and determines if they could be using our service more efficiently. Sherry has proven her reliability time and time again, volunteering to help during stressful times such as when ASD was affected by major Winter weather events earlier this year. We are proud to feature Sherry in this month’s Employee Spotlight.

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What do you like most about your job at ASD?

Helping people. Whether training new employees, assisting callers who just experienced a loss or speaking to clients during proactive customer service calls, it is rewarding to know that you are helping people on a daily basis.

What are some of your primary responsibilities as an Assistant Supervisor?

As an Assistant Supervisor, I am responsible for monitoring operations and make sure none of our employees are having any systems issues. We also handle customer service calls from clients and answer any questions they might have.

Why is Proactive customer service important for ASD and our clients?

Proactive Customer Service is so important for our clients and for ASD because it gives our clients reassurance that someone is monitoring the activity on their accounts on a regular basis. This also ensures that they are using ASD as efficiently as possible. That constant communication allows us to catch small issues and make adjustments or notes to the account before any problems can arise.

What was one of your most difficult calls and how did you help this caller?

I find taking calls from mothers who have lost their children to be extremely difficult. There is nothing more heartbreaking and it is hard to ask questions and gather information from a crying mother. The best way to handle these calls is to be very compassionate and sincere without pushing for too much information. I assure them that someone is always available to help at the funeral home.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of ASD?

I have a cabin in Bucks County, PA right near a lake and I love going there to escape. We spend our time kayaking, hiking and hanging out in the horse stables. It’s my favorite place in the world. My great grandfather built it and it has been handed down through generations since.

Each month, ASD will feature a different employee on our blog. Be sure to check back to see who February’s Employee Spotlight will feature.

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