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ASD Employee Spotlight: Myrna

Sep 24, 2013

ASD Training Specialist, Myrna, began working at ASD in 2006 and was one of the first employees ASD hired after moving from our old building to our current location in Media. Myrna was also one of the first bilingual Call Specialists hired by ASD. Her compassionate phone demeanor, strong listening skills and attention to detail have made Myrna an incredible asset to our Call Specialist team. In addition to her contributions as a member of ASD’s bilingual staff, she has also trained many of ASD’s employees. Myrna is also a beacon of positivity in the office, supporting her co-workers (who she often calls her “ASD Family”) in anyway she can. We are proud to feature Myrna as September’s Employee Spotlight of the Month.

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How has ASD changed since you started working here?

The company has grown and has expanded by hiring more staff. We now have Operations I and Operations II, so there is enough room to accommodate everyone. We have the privilege of using the treadmill and stationary bike while we work. ASD has also created new opportunities for promotion, such as the Assistant Supervisor position. Many new applications and software updates have been installed to help the staff here at ASD perform their job efficiently and effectively.

Are there any challenges involved with being a bilingual Call Specialist?

You have to have good listening skills when you are taking calls from people with strong accents. I am only fluent in English and Spanish, but I am often transferred callers who speak Portuguese, Italian and German. I just try to help them as much as I can and speak clear and slowly. I see myself as a mediator or the bridge that helps connect people by removing language barriers.

Please describe some of the outreach work you have done?

I have done a lot of outreach work both inside and outside of ASD in the 7 years I have worked here. I support and assist my co-workers at ASD when doing fundraisers and helping with a cause. I did a collection when my son was deployed to Afghanistan and many of my co-workers donated items. I was able to send 8 full boxes to Afghanistan. I have given donations to co-workers who lost everything in a house fire.

I also help others who are looking for a job by recruiting potential staff to work at ASD, especially when I know they are bilingual because ASD provides incentives to Spanish-speaking employees. I inform them of the benefits and opportunities candidates have while working at ASD.

What was one of your most difficult calls and how did you help this caller?

One of my most difficult calls was when my son was deployed to Afghanistan and I had to handle a first call from a father who lost his Marine son. I kept thinking of my son being in Afghanistan. I had to hide my emotions and assist the caller as best as I could. There are times when we are grieving or going through a difficult time in our lives and we have to do the best we can as a Call Specialist.

What are some things you learned from working at ASD?

I have learned not to take things personal and to be open-minded. To continue to be positive and to handle each incoming call the best that I can. I also learned not to focus on the negative situations and just to learn from them. I enjoy what I do and I love working with the great staff we have at ASD.

What are some of your personal hobbies and interests?

I love going dancing and listening to Latin music. I enjoy spending time with my two boys and doing new activities with them. We have fun going to the beach and amusement water parks. I have learned to enjoy life and learn new things.

Each month, ASD will feature a different employee on our blog. Be sure to check back to see who September’s Employee Spotlight will feature.

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