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ASD Employee Spotlight: Lauren Fisher

Nov 19, 2015

ASD is pleased to announce the recent promotion of our dedicated employee, Lauren Fisher, to our Supervision Team. Lauren joined ASD last year and our Managers quickly noticed her eagerness to learn and to teach others. She was quickly promoted to a Training Specialist position and shortly afterwards she was promoted to our Assistant Supervisor team after demonstrating strong attention to detail and a hard work ethic. As a Supervisor, Lauren will be responsible for assisting clients with account updates, overseeing training and providing support to the Call Specialist team. We are proud to feature Lauren as this month’s Employee Spotlight.

Can you describe some of your first experiences working at ASD?

In my first days of being hired at ASD, everything was very overwhelming—from the advanced technological aspect of the computers to the anxiety about what type of caller may be on the other line. While training, I had a lot of great people helping me and coaching me along, pushing me to succeed at the job. After being signed off and answering calls independently, I became very interested in what more I could do to become successful at ASD. I strived to make sure my call calibrations were high and that my call control was being used well.

What are some things you learned after becoming a Training Specialist?

After about six months, my team leader felt that I was ready to help train new employees. It felt amazing to be considered for this position. I loved training and giving the new hires little tips and helpful notes that allowed them to succeed. Being a trainer was also very helpful for me as well. It was helpful to become familiar with different accounts that are a bit more complex and to learn how to give my trainee the correct answer on how to handle them. I was also given the opportunity to assist Diego in the training class for two consecutive classes.

Describe the training you received while working to become an Assistant Supervisor

At around 7 ½ or 8 months, I was then promoted to Assistant Supervisor. Training with all of the different supervisors on every shift was very insightful. It was great to see all the different ways each supervisor did their job. Everyone has their own style and it was helpful to be able to learn everyone’s method and to use these these tricks and tips to mold my own way of supervising. I came in a lot on my time off, especially on first shift, to get in the extra training I needed in order to be officially signed off. I would work anywhere from 10-12 hours a day, for 3-4 days a week. Once I was signed off, I was very optimistic about putting my new position into full effect. When I saw there would be a new open Supervisor position, I was a bit hesitant on applying for it, but I felt confident that I had the knowledge to be able to handle it successfully.

What do you like most about working at ASD?

I really feel as though ASD is a great place to work. It offers so many ways to expand your career and succeed further within the company. With hard work and perseverance, anything can happen. I am extremely grateful for all of my trainers and supervisors who helped me learn and pushed for me to succeed.

Congratulations to Lauren on being promoted to Supervisor this month along with our other dedicated employees, Art Stretton and Vianny Adames. Be sure to check our blog next month to read Art and Vianny’s Employee Spotlights.

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