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ASD Employee Spotlight: Joseph

May 09, 2013

Training Specialist, Joseph, is a major asset to ASD’s Operations’ team. Joe has worked as a Call Specialist for more than three years providing compassionate and professional support to funeral home callers. He has also trained countless new employees how to use ASD’s custom-built software and technology while assisting callers with empathy and patience. Trainees rely on Joe’s guidance and experience along every step of the training process. We are proud to feature Joe in this month’s Employee Spotlight.

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What are some of your primary responsibilities as an ASD Call Specialist?

My primary responsibility is helping callers by listening intently to their needs while trying to determine the urgency of the call. Clients rely on us for concise, coherent messages that help them to do their job and assist families.

What are some things you have learned from working at ASD?

Despite all of the various factors that make each person unique, it is always safe to assume that everyone wants to be heard and understood. It is best to listen first and you will find that people are then more willing to listen in return.

What are some of your personal hobbies and interests?

I’ve played guitar for over 10 years. I like most types of music and enjoy reading and watching movies when I’m not answering life’s most difficult calls.

What was one of your most difficult calls and how did you help this caller?

A man had just lost his son moments before calling. He was angry that I wasn’t the funeral director and called me a few choice names. I remained calm and patched him to the director rather than getting angry because I could tell he was just grieving.

How has ASD changed since you started working here?

The technology we now employ is amazing. When I started, texting was a relatively new feature. Now, most of our clients seem to prefer receiving messages via text and our mobile app instead of being called. It definitely makes things a lot easier for our clients.

Each month, ASD will be spotlighting a different employee on our blog. Be sure to check back to see who June’s Employee Spotlight will feature.

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