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ASD Employee Spotlight: Christa

Aug 13, 2014

ASD Training Specialist, Christa, joined the ASD team in early 2007. In the seven years Christa has worked for ASD, she has proven herself as an asset to the company with her compassionate phone demeanor and attention to detail. After observing Christa’s patience, accuracy and knowledge of funeral customs, ASD’s Operations Managers promoted her to a Trainer position so she could teach new Call Specialists how to respond to funeral home callers. Christa has taught countless ASD employees how to compassionately answer calls and take down concise, accurate messages for the funeral home. In addition to her outstanding telephone and training skills, Christa has a strong work ethic and often volunteers to help other ASD employees. We are proud to feature Christa in this month’s Employee Spotlight.

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What are some things you have learned from working at ASD?

I’ve learned a ton about the funeral profession. I also learned that not all answering services are the same. ASD takes a lot of pride in the work we do.

As a Training Specialist, what is one of the most important things for a new call specialist to learn?

I think the most important for them to learn is to listen to the callers and to pay close attention to exactly what they are saying. Nine times out of ten, the caller will tell you exactly what they want, but you have to listen carefully.

What do you like most about your job?

On the personal side, I love that my hours are flexible and allow me to be available to my three kids. I also love that we are a big family here and we all really care about one another.

What are some of your goals while employed at ASD?

I’d love to one day become a Supervisor. I enjoy being a Training Specialist, but feel there is always room for personal growth and new challenges.

What are some of your personal hobbies and interests?

Outside of work, I love to sing and do art. I also love to bake. My kids are usually involved in whatever I’m doing and I love the quality family time we have together.

Each month, ASD will feature a different employee on our blog. Be sure to check back to see who September’s Employee Spotlight will feature.

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Jess Farren (Fowler)

Jess Farren (Fowler) is a Public Relations Specialist and Staff Writer who has been a part of the ASD team since 2003. Jess manages ASD’s company blog and has been published in several funeral trade magazines. She has written articles on a variety of subjects including communication, business planning, technology, marketing and funeral trends. You can contact Jess directly at

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