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ASD Currently Beta Testing Revolutionary MobileFH™ Texting Feature

Mar 19, 2019

ASD is currently working with a group of more than one hundred funeral homes to beta test the company’s new MobileFH™ Texting tool. This game-changing mobile feature will allow our clients to send and receive text messages on their cell phone using the funeral home’s business phone number as the sending number or any other associated company number, including toll-free numbers.

Watch our demo video below to learn more

Key benefits of MobileFH™ Texting:

  • Ensures families and contacts are using the right phone number when sending sensitive information to your funeral home via text message
  • Gives on-call funeral directors more freedom to conduct business on the go without giving out their personal cell phone numbers
  • Allows funeral home owners and managers to easily review their staff’s text message exchanges with families
  • Allows the entire funeral home office (rather than just one on-call director) to receive text messages, photos and important documents, ensuring coordinated customer interactions.
  • Provides a log of all text messages, including photos, that can be easily accessed anytime within the ASD Mobile app

These combined benefits empower funeral home teams to provide an enhanced level of customer service to their community. ASD’s Technical Team created MobileFH™ Texting in-house specifically to support on-call funeral directors by helping to facilitate mobile communications. The feature works by connecting your funeral home’s office number to the ASD Mobile app and is an extension of ASD’s MobileFH™, which enables ASD clients to call any phone number from their cell phone and display the funeral home business phone as their outgoing Caller ID. By introducing this patented, unrivaled technology to text messaging, ASD is making it even easier for on-call funeral directors to be responsive to families without sacrificing their privacy.

In December, ASD sent out a prerelease invitation to ASD’s sneak-peek beta program. Over the past several months, we have been been working closely with these funeral homes to gather feedback and their firsthand accounts of using the feature. This process ensures MobileFH™ Texting meets the needs of our clients and is compatible with all devices. The feature will first be released to Apple iOS users with an Android-compatible version soon to follow.

When cellular technology was first introduced, it provided directors with more freedom than they had ever enjoyed in the past, but it also introduced a new host of on-call dilemmas. Its no wonder so many funeral professionals struggle with compassion fatigue and burn out; it’s pretty difficult to separate your personal life from your professional life when you’re receiving text messages from families on your night off,” says ASD’s Vice President and Family-Member Owner, Kevin Czachor. “We analyzed this problem and developed a solution specifically to help on-call funeral directors while improving the funeral home’s overall communication. MobileFH™ Texting is truly a win-win-win for everyone!”

If you are an Apple iOS user and would like to learn more about becoming a beta tester, please send an email to

Be sure to check back for more updates related to this exciting new ASD Feature.

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