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ASD Announces Staff Promotions and Training Department Expansion

Aug 06, 2019

ASD is pleased to announce the recent promotions of three of our employees: Renee Mancer, Ana Lopez and Tish Baker.

Renee Mancer, who joined ASD more than 25 years ago, was promoted to Human Resource Administrator. Renee has trained more employees than any other person at our company and has held many titles during her two and half decades at ASD, including Training Specialist, Operations Supervisor and Training Supervisor. The guidance and support she has shown our new employees over the years is invaluable. Renee’s dedication and commitment to ASD has been truly crucial to our success. In her new role within ASD’s Human Resources department, Renee will continue to support our staff by communicating important information on health insurance, 401k plans, college tuition reimbursement and other ASD company benefits.

Ana Lopez has been named a Training Supervisor after demonstrating an exceptional work ethic and strong aptitude for teaching others. Ana previously held the title of Assistant Supervisor within our Operations department before her promotion. In her new position, Ana will help new ASD employees understand how to professionally and compassionately assist funeral home callers. This is a crucial role within our company as Training Specialists are instrumental in helping our staff to develop and refine their skills.

Tish Baker was also promoted to Training Supervisor to help ASD enhance our 6-month Training Program and provide new employees with added support. Tish joined ASD in 2017 and previously worked as an Assistant Supervisor within our Operations department. As a Training Supervisor, Tish will mentor new Call Specialists and evaluate each employee’s performance. With synced computers and a large projection screen, Training Supervisors provide new hires with an in-depth look at our sophisticated computer systems while reviewing various call handling scenarios to ensure they understand how to convey empathy to callers.

ASD’s Training Classroom

ASD’s recent staff promotions bolster our company’s goal of offering staff added guidance and support. Renee’s addition to ASD’s HR team will provide our company’s growing workforce with additional resources, ensuring staff understand all of the benefits they can receive as an ASD employee. Ana and Tish will similarly provide new employees with the training they need to hone their skills and take advantage of various developmental opportunities.

“On behalf of the entire ASD team, I congratulate these employees on their recent promotions and thank them for their continued dedication to ASD and hard work over the years,” said ASD Family-Member Owner and Vice President, Kevin Czachor. “I wish them all continued success in their new roles.”


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